Aromatic-Kinesiology LEVEL FOUR 2018

Dates: Tuesday 27 February 2018 - Thursday 01 March 2018
Times: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Fee: €395.00
Booking Deposit: €100.00


Aromatic Kinesiology Level Four – The Path of Connection
Pre-requisites: AK One and AK Three

AK Four is a speciality program only offered by Robbi when she travels internationally. Once you have registered you will be sent pre-work to be completed before you arrive into the workshop.

In Dublin 2018, AK 4, can be taken before you attend AK 3 but you must be booked onto AK 3 before being accepted into AK 4

Topics covered in AK Four
• How to be in alignment with your purpose and create a life you love.
• How to design a compelling vision for Success Full Living
• Strategic planning to achieve your big beautiful dream.
• Gain an understanding of the skills required to maintain a successful business in the role of the therapist, trainer or heart-centred business owner.
• How to move beyond self-sabotage. Breaking the cycle and changing the patterns.
• How to find your niche in the market place. – The importance of branding.
• Being committed and consistent with your message.
• The role of personal beliefs in developing a strong inner core as a therapist.
• The role of the therapist in the therapeutic process.
• The challenge in remaining authentic in the role of the care giver.
• How to distinguish Busyness from Business. Developing an understanding of long term process. Putting passion back into sustainable purpose.
• Face Language. Gain insights into understanding people, relationships and how to communicate more effectively. This is a valuable rapport building skill to learn as understanding the story of each face, is to have a deeper awareness of your every relationship.

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Aromatic-Kinesiology Level four 2018