Language of the Feet

Dates: Wednesday 18 April 2018 - Wednesday 18 April 2018
Times: 9.30am to 4.30pm
Fee: €100.00
Booking Deposit: 50.00

Booking deposit: €50.00

About our course:
Feet are amazing! Our life and our potential are mapped on our feet.
See how feet can show our vulnerabilities as well as the shields we manufacture to hide them.

Our life experiences can be reflected on our feet before we allow them to be registered in our mind.
Knowing how to read what is “written” on the feet can help us ease into change and harmonise our energies.

This “Language of the feet” workshop will:
* Explain the subtle energies of the feet.
* What the shape and size of the feet, and its parts, has to tell us.
* Show where the Chakras are mapped onto the feet
* Give you some tools to work with the information gained.

This is an amazing day!  You will go away with a lot of knowledge about yourself and the skill to help your clients understand themselves.

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3-4 Mill Lane Leixlip Co Kildare W23 X2P7
Language of the Feet