Our courses are of the highest standard and are accredited by the international bodies of IFPA and ITEC. OBUS school is also an approved NRRI school and the courses taught at Obus School are approved by ARCHTI, IRI and IMTA.

Christine Courtney is an approved trainer with ITEC, IFPA, NCBTMB and NAHA
We are committed to helping all students enjoy their training experience at Obus School and we have established an excellent reputation for the unique content and quality of our training.
We are delighted to say that a very high percentage of our students return again and again for further courses and we are proud to say it is because of our friendly and focused approach to learning and teaching.

Once qualified, all our diploma students can avail of our principal’s lifetime mentoring of past students. She is always available to help past students with career or client advice, planning new ventures or general support with their practice.

Our training room is purpose built and it is bright, fresh and comfortable.

Our Principal

After a life altering car crash in 1993 Christine took her interests in holistic living and complementary health more seriously. Following her successful corporate career she retrained as an Aromatherapy, Massage and Reiki tutor. 

Graduating in 1997 with qualifications from Shirley Price Aromatherapy, ITEC and IFPA she began to see clients, and trained her first students shortly thereafter.

As her school grew, she founded Obus School and Wellness centre in Co. Kildare in 2005. Running a world class therapeutic clinic, inviting exciting international experts to teach and expanding the range of professional diplomas and cutting edge CPD courses on offer was the focus of this new space.


Whilst running Obus School and Wellness Centre Christine has continue to teach at a number of prestigious national and international venues including: Taiwan, China, USA, Malta, Drogheda Institute of Further Education 

Christine continues to nurture her students and inspire her team of tutors to do new research and write exciting new courses for the Obus program. Obus School and Wellness is busier than ever and we look forward to welcoming you.

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Our School

OBUS School of Healing Therapies is accredited by:
IFPA – International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists
ITEC – International Therapy Examination Council
Christine is a member of
NRRI – National Register of Reflexologists
NAHA – National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists
IMTA – Irish Massage Therapists Association

Meet our tutors

Denise Hanlon


Our Senior Tutor Denise Hanlon has been with us for over 20 years. After a bad road traffic accident, Denise found herself in continual pain despite having exhausted all areas of western medicine. Encountering acupuncture and holistic therapies and realising their amazing benefits on her recovery, she began studying with Obus. Qualifying in Aromatherapy, Anatomy and Physiology, Massage, Reiki, Reflexology and Diet and Nutrition, her teaching career began.  Denise went on continue to study Acupuncture alongside teaching. Denise has taught Diploma and CPD courses in Obus for many years and has written a number of her own courses.  Her knowledge and love for teaching are palpable to all.

Fantastic tutor, Denise Hanlon I loved all of your trainings. A book of knowledge, wisdom & inspiration, sprinkled with oodles of fun and positive energy Beautiful inside and out

Debbie KellyFacebook – 18th March 2022 – under Denise Tutor post

I knew the first time I did a CPD Workshop with you Denise I was lucky to be in the perfect class. Thanks for all your generosity and knowledge

Geraldine O CallaghanFacebook – 18th March 2022

Loved every class you thought Denise & the way you teach. Learned from the best.

Alice KennedyFacebook – 18th March 2022

The Facial Rejuvenation course with Denise is just fabulous. It is a deeply relaxing treatment that your clients will love. Pure Bliss. Thanks Denise for a great weekend of learning and treatments

Sinead ReinhardtFacebook – 4th July Thank you post

Grainne Kennedy


After completing a three-year degree in Journalism, Grainne still felt like she was missing something and that she had more to give. A conversation with her mother about the benefits of holistic massage lead to Grainne recognising her natural knack for helping people.  Embarking on her holistic career in 2016, Grainne went on to qualify in a range of holistic modalities and soon joined the Obus family as a therapist.  In 2021 after completing her teacher training, Grainne became part of the Obus Education team and is delighted to be imparting her knowledge as well as beginning to write her own courses.

Highly recommend this course. Thoroughly enjoyed it yesterday. Grainne is a super tutor. Ty.

Facebook – Holistic Sinus and Nasal Treatment – 9th October 2021

I have been so congested in the past few weeks and this course was perfect for me. After the treatment today, my throat, my head and the nasal cavity was quickly cleared. I have been having sinus problem since I was a teenager, nasal congestion, sinus infections and heavy headed have been nearly part of my life. The techniques learned in this course included facial massage, lymphatic drainage cupping and Indian head massage. It is excellent for self care as well as for clients.
Thank you Grainne, our great tutor who explained the sequences and answered our questions clearly and patiently. I highly recommend this course.

Tracy LauFacebook – Holistic Sinus and Nasal Welcome – 9th October 2021

Really enjoyed this refresher course today! Gráinne is a wonderful teacher, can’t wait till next week

Stephanie HarrisFacebook – 10th September – Obus Massage Refresher

Mary Gunning


Mary fell in love with meditation and yoga as a teenager and sees herself as a lifelong student of them. She went on to study a wide range of holistic modalities that she now incorporates into every aspect of her life.  A Yoga and Meditation teacher, Reiki Master, and Aromatherapist, Mary discovered Sound Healing and has written introduction, certificate and diploma courses in this wonderful modality. Her aim is to get people to slow down from the fast pace life we live in – and to not be so hard on themselves.  Mary enjoys creating a safe space for people to “Just Be”

Loved module one with Mary. She has such great knowledge and passion for sound therapy that's both inspiring and infectious! Highly recommend this course and so looking forward to module two

Olivia McLoughlinFacebook – Certificate in Sound – 13th July 2021

Beautiful massage!!! Mary is a fantastic tutor!!! Highly recommend this course

Basia PatarewiczFacebook – 10th October 2021 – Thai Foot Massage

Sandra Mc Carthy


Sandra began her training in massage in 2005 in Cork when she realised her fascination with how the body works and what therapists could do to help with relaxation, aches and pains. She continued to study adding Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone and other therapies to her practice alongside a Diploma in Education and Training. In 2013 Sandra found Obus and studied Aromatherapy and many other therapies.  She has been running her own clinic since 2015 working daily with amazing clients offering a range of treatments that can be tailored to individuals needs. In 2021 Sandra joined the Obus teaching team where she hopes to help students increase their skills and confidence.

Sarah Fitzsimons


From a very young age, Sarah was fascinated and curious about the human body and how it works. Being around loved ones who were in pain and dealing with health issues, she wanted to help. So in 2004 she decided to study Sports Therapy. After studying full time for 2 years she graduated and has been working in Holistic Health and Fitness ever since. Studying Massage, Reflexology, Pathology, Nutrition, Exercise, Health & Fitness, and Pilates, her work has allowed her to marry together her understanding of the body to help people move easier and feel better.

In 2010 she was prompted by several people (including teachers she was once a student of) to consider becoming a teacher herself. Following her Teacher Training Sarah has gone on to teach several ITEC Diploma courses leading to internationally recognised qualifications, written, and delivered CPD workshops in exercise, health & fitness, and massage. She has been a guest speaker and assistant teacher on Teacher Training Courses.

Sarah has studied Aromatherapy and attended the majority of our CPD modalities in Massage and Reflexology here in Obus School and she is working as a therapist in the Obus Clinic.  In 2022 she joins our teaching team.  

Sarah Loves to share the gift of knowledge with her clients and students to empower them. “To support the progress my students, make on their journey to self-improvement and witness their self-actualisation is not only a privilege, but a truly magical experience. It’s a feeling I never tire of!”- Sarah Fitzsimons

Sarah Fitzsimons is a wonderful teacher. She has a lovely soft and kind quality and such a friendly approachable manner. She puts you at ease as you learn a new skill. She made the class and the subject she taught; relatable, easy to understand, calm and enjoyable. Making a very inspiring, lasting impression.

Gráinne M.K.I would definitely highly recommend her as a tutor.

Susan Mc Ternan


I began studying holistic therapies in OBUS in 2015. 

I knew I wanted to do something different, but I wasn’t sure what, so I decided on a diploma in Holistic Massage with Obus. I had recently discovered its many health benefits and was eager to learn more. That diploma and Obus changed the course of my life, and I met the most wonderful people! 

To this day it is one of the best decisions I ever made

From there, I went on to study various other therapies in Obus School, including Deep Tissue Cupping Massage, Ear Candling, Holistic Nutrition, and Reflexology. Susan now has her own holistic clinic where she treats adults and children. 

During the course of my holistic studies, I had two beautiful babies, Julie, and George. 

I have practiced Massage and Reflexology on both my children from the time they were new-borns, and the results were nothing short of amazing. Becoming a mother transformed the way I viewed holistic therapies. I realised that I was now able to instil this way of life into my own children so they would grow up knowing and practicing self-care. I am very passionate about sharing this information with other parents in a supportive and informative way.

“I am now teaching Baby Massage and Reflexology to parents in our weekly classes in Obus Wellness Centre.  The aim of our lovely baby classes is to show parents how they can holistically support their babies and children as they grow and develop.   

I’m so delighted to be a part of the OBUS team and to teach these wonderful Baby Wellness classes to the local community!”   Susan

I attended the baby massage and reflexology classes with susan in Obus, Leixlip, with my 6-month-
old son. Both of us really enjoyed the classes. Susan creates lovely, friendly atmosphere for
everyone. We have introduced the skills learnt into our bedtime routine and so far, it seems to have
worked wonders! Would definitely recommend this course for bonding with your baby and leaning
all of the techniques for helping digestion issues to calm baby.

I found Susan to be a great teacher. Her passion and enthusiasm for both Reflexology and Massage
came through in her teaching. I learned some great tips from Susan to help calm my baby which I
am very thankful for. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to any new parent.

We had a wonderful 5-week baby massage and reflexology course with Susan. She made it very easy
to follow along in class and answered any questions on any of the topics. I am really enjoying
practising what we have learned in the class on my son, and he loves it too!