Making your Aromatherapy Blend:
You are going to be using essential oils for a number of weeks so it’s much easier if you make a “mother blend”.
You will need:
1 empty 10ml essential oil bottle.
Not an empty peppermint oil bottle –  as peppermint oil is not suitable for use around children under 2.
Put a selection of essential oils into your empty bottle.
I am suggesting the following oils and quantities but feel free to change it to suit your preferences.

To the empty bottle add:
10 drops Eucalyptus radiata or Eucalyptus smithii
10 drops Niaouli (optional)
10 drops Lemongrass
10 drops Clove bud Or Cinnamon Leaf (not Cinnamon Bark)
10 drops Bergamot or Lemon
10 drops Lavender or Sweet Thyme
15 drops Tea Tree
5 drops Palmarosa or Geranium (optional)

Put a selection of essential oils into your empty bottle.
Replace the dropper and the lid.
You now have your mother blend for the coming weeks.
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How to use this “Mother Blend”

Make a personal inhaler*
Add 10-15 drops of the above blend to an inhaler – see yesterdays video for “how to”

Add 8-10 drops of the above blend to your vaporiser or aromastream

Aromatherapy Hand Sanitiser*
Using a 100ml bottle add:
20ml of essential oils dispersant or perfumers alcohol
30 drops of the above “mother blend” of essential oil
Shake to mix
Fill the bottle with water
Shake before each use
Spray onto your hands – back and front.  And rub all over your hands and fingers.

*For people with asthma start with half the number of drops in you inhaler, vaporiser and hand sanitiser.

For those of you who asked about the OBUS pre blended products, here is the information:

Obus Hygiene Blend is made up of:
Red Thyme
Cinnamon Leaf
Clove Bud
Tea Tree
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Obus Anti Viral blend is made up of:
Cinnamon leaf
Clove Bud
Tea Tree
Sweet Orange
Sweet Basil
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For the Aromatherapists out there who have a lot more essential oils here are a few more suggestions.

Essential oils which have great anti-viral and immune support properties
Use in a vaporiser, hand sanitiser or a personal inhaler
Not for use in the bath 

Eucalyptus smithii

Eucalyptus radiata

(not Ravensara)

May Chang
Clove Bud
Cinnamon Leaf
(not Cinnamon Bark)
Holy Basil
Sweet Basil
Sweet Thyme
Ho Wood/Leaf
Tea Tree
Red Thyme
Use at least one oil from this column These oils are great but they are high in Citral which can irritate the skin and the lining of the nose.  People with asthma need to use the oils in this column in smaller quantities and with caution.

These have amazing antiviral properties.

Great in vaporisers, inhalers and hand sanitiser but not for the bath

These are great anti viral AND immune support.

Use at least 2 oils from this column

These are air purifiers.  Use at least TWO

I have included Fragonia and Kunzea for the people who have recently taken the Aromatic Kinesiology course.  If you have them use them.

You must include Tea Tree in the mix.

If you have a vulnerable person in the house or someone who gets infected use Red Thyme

These are great oils but if you don’t have any of them its ok not to include.

It’s just me giving you more choice