Aromatic-Kinesiology Level TWO 2020




Friday 28 February 2020 – Sunday 01 March 2020

Friday 6pm-9pm

Sat & Sun 9.30am to 5.30pm



Course Requirements

Students must have attended Aromatic Kinesiology Level One

About the Course

Aromatic-Kinesiology Level Two – The Path of Nurture continues the journey of nurturing your loving heart. The key to true wellbeing is to allow self-care to become an important practice in your daily life as you gently use and cherish what comes from this earth. Being at home in yourself brings a strength and sustenance and from this place your authentic self can be fully expressed. The Path of Nurture has self-love at its core and embraces aromatherapy and the Essential Oil Reflections as beautiful reminders of the spirit, look and feel of your life.

The Course Content

Topics covered will include:-

  • The nature of nurture – where life slows and expands like a graceful dance
  • Allowing nourishment to flow as an act of self-care
  • Meditation on lavender – nourishment at the soul level
  • Refining the kinesiology testing process to converse with the body clearly
  • Deepening awareness of the connection between essential oils, emotions, the 14 acupuncture meridians – diagrams, functions, nutrients
  • Enhancing detoxification through activation of the lymphatics
  • Harmonising the energy fields of the body
  • 5 element skin types and essential oil skin care
  • Determining your skin type
  • Emotions that hamper skin function
  • Skin emotions chart
  • Restoring skin harmony
  • An exploration of the chakras and how they are connected to our belief systems
  • Letting go of effort to reduce stress and calm the mind as an act of self-care
  • Activation of the Heart Blossom Points to release trapped emotions
  • Deepening the counselling process in conjunction with the use of essential oils

Course Facilitator

Robbi Zeck ND is the developer of Aromatic Kinesiology® and the author of The Blossoming Heart – Aromatherapy for Healing and Transformation. Robbi’s pioneering work on the mood enhancing and stress releasing properties of essential oils integrated with her extensive background over more than 30 years in the healing arts, has empowered individuals, practitioners and educators around the world, to enhance their abilities in gently reducing stress and increasing internal balance and wellbeing.

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Student Testimonials

“I thoroughly enjoyed Robbi Zecks workshop on Aromatic-Kinesiology. She is a fantastic facilitator and made the workshop very interesting, informative and enjoyable. What a fantastic tool – to be able to detect those energy blocks which prevent the body from healing. It is great to use Kinesiology to find the oils which best suits each person to open up to their own healing. I love using Robbi’s book “The Blossoming Heart” the affirmations and readings are always so apt”

Gabrielle Donnelly

“A wonderful workshop. Whether you are looking for techniques to help your clients, or are seeking a fuller and happier life for yourself, this workshop can help. Robbie is a wonderful teacher who generously shares very simple and effective kinesiology testing techniques and her intuitive abilities in relation to the mood enhancing and emotional properties of essential oils”

Jean O’Callaghan