Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides) Vetiver is known as the “oil of tranquillity” in Sri Lanka. In Ayurvedic medicine Vetiver is used to alleviate thirst, heat stroke, fever and headaches. The oil is distilled from the dried rootlets and is thick, dark and smoky. It is a very grounding oil and I recommend it for times of […]

Prickly Heat Rash

Prickly Heat is a heat rash which can be very itchy and annoying. It occurs when the body can not regulate temperature properly and results in raised itchy spots. It happens when the sweat glands get blocked or when the skin is occluded (covered and can’t breathe) by waterproof sun screen, oily body lotions or synthetic clothing.  It also […]

Lavender – which one and why

Lavender has a very simple power and strength and one of its many functions is as a systemic relaxant, which regulates the Qi. As Peter Holmes writes in the Energetic of Western Herbs Lavender harmonizes opposites.  Working through the nervous and cardiovascular systems Lavender is an excellent example of a remedy possessing the potential to […]

Time for training and study

September heralds the feel of autumn, which is one of my favourite seasons. It also heralds a feeling of “what now” as people discuss, Google, and decided on training courses or new study they want to do. For some it is a return to education after years, for some it is education or training to […]

Keeping your skin beautiful in this lovely weather

It is important to treat your skin to some TLC following exposure to the sun. Even if you have used a sun factor to prevent damaging sunburn the skin still needs to be fed. Looking after your skin means your skin will be healthier and your tan will last longer. Here are some simple tips […]

Comfrey Oil

Almost every country or region has its own healing herbs and flowers. France has Lavender, the Alps have Arnica, Africa has Shea and northern Europe has Comfrey. Comfrey grows everywhere in Ireland and it is in season right now. It’s a fantastic plant.  Its common name is knit bone. But this does not do it […]

The many faces of friendships

I am blessed to have wonderful people in my life that are true and loyal friends.  They enhance the quality of my life and my life is richer for knowing them. But while working on my vision board recently I was struck by how my understanding and definition of friendship has changed over the years. When I was […]

My vision board

I have just completed my new vision board.  It is ready to be put on the wall of my personal office once I get home from Malta. A vision board helps me to stay focused on what is important in my life.  It helps to give me direction and it is where my dreams first […]

Geranium Essential oil

I was on holiday recently and the colour and smell of Geraniums were all around me reminding me why I love Geranium essential oil. One of Geranium’s strongest actions in the body is that of clearing heat from the body and the mind. It is also calming to the nervous system. It clears the mind […]

Generosity even in difficult times

During our charity day where we offered mini facials for a €5 donation to the Irish Cancer Society I was struck with the wonderful generosity of spirit everyone displayed coming up to the event and during the day itself. When I suggested it to the therapists working at Obus Wellness Centre their immediate willingness to […]