Summertime starts today. Longer days, shorter nights and a brighter colour to the day. I am celebrating the arrival of summertime with change – I am bringing in more light and creating new space. I am decorating my house from top to bottom – changing the colours and textures that have been around me for […]

The changing seasons

I love all seasons. I especially love the beginning and end of the seasons because that’s when I look forward to what the new season will bring with it and what do I let go of from the old season. Spring is a time of new grown, rebirth and longer days.  I always feel Spring has […]

Memories of St Patricks Day

I have great memories of St Patrick’s Day.  It was my dad’s birthday and as his name was Paddy.  The expression “Happy Paddy’s day” means a lot to me. It was always a party day. When I was a child it was a birthday party for my dad, which was really a party for us children.  My […]

Baby Massage

       We had a wonderful baby massage training course at the Obus Wellness Centre over the weekend.  4 days of massage, cuddles and laughter. Gail Bovenizer of Baby Massage Ireland is a great tutor and judging by the laughter coming from the training room everyone had a great time. When I see baby […]

The power of AromaQi-Reflexology

The feet are just amazing!  You can tell so much just by touching them.  It does not matter if you are working on them as a Reflexologist, a Chinese Medicine practitioner or a massage therapist! They tell you so much and they can also be used to help heal and prevent illness. I love to […]

Lemon and Basil Essential oil

I will be teaching my Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine course in August and I was looking through the notes to make a few small changes. When I was originally writing these notes a friend encouraged me to write an energetic profile, from my perspective, for each essential oil. I am now vaporising Basil and […]

Making your own perfume

I was in a cafe yesterday paying for my lunch when the waitress leaned across the counter, took a deep breath and said “you smell lovely what perfume are you wearing” and the man standing behind me nodded and said “she’s right!”  I told her I was an Aromatherapist and she said, “Wow you made […]