Continuing Professional Training for the Qualified Massage Therapist

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What have we on offer for you and why?
Massage cupping with machine at OBUS Leary lymphatic drainage massage with obus


Advanced Massage Techniques – to book it click here
Offer the newly qualified holistic massage therapist techniques and methods of working deeply to release tension, relieve pain and restructure tight and tense bodies. And it offers the experienced therapist new techniques in Jaw Massage and Structural Re-balancing

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – to book it click here
Offers all therapist a fantastic way to work with clients who are

  • Stressed
  • Pre and Post surgery
  • Low immunity
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Reduced mobility
  • Post chemotherapy
  • It is a standalone therapy or can be added to most massage treatments to benefit the body’s healing ability

Cupping Massage Therapy
Cupping massage is a fantastic way to:
Release adhesions and restrictions
Reduce tension,
Reduce inflammation
Aid sleep

We offer 3 level of training in this fantastic modality

Indian Head Massage – to book click here
This is one of my personal favourites!  It is a two-day course in massage which is done over the clothes while sitting on a chair.  It is gentle to perform and profound in its affect.

Massage for Cancer Care – to book click here
I am very proud of this course.  It is helping therapists work confidently with clients who at different stages in their cancer journey.

It is a 3-day course where you will learn how to work with people who have been diagnosed with cancer.  It is designed to

You will learn techniques and procedures for clients who are

  • Recently diagnosed – but not yet started their course of treatments
  • Currently receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment for cancer
  • Post-surgery
  • Living with cancer
  • End of life and palliative care technique

On-site chair massage –  to book click here
You will learn how to do a great massage in 10, 15 or 20 minutes.  You learn how to work deeply with good body mechanics.  This is a great tool to help you grow your business, because it is a mobile therapy it is great to offer as a corporate massage it can be done open days and trade fairs

Deluxe Facial – to book click here
Learn to pamper your client.  You will learn a beautiful nurturing sequence to give you client a wonderful treatment using natural skin care products

Thai Foot Massage – to book click here
This one-day course offers the massage therapist a lovely foot treatment which works with energy points on the feet and lower leg.  It is relaxing, detoxing and energising for the client.

Lomi-Lomi – NEW for 2020 – to book click here
This is the most loving massage I have ever had and have ever given.  All I can say is it is awesome!  I am so delighted to offer this 2-day Lomi Lomi training to qualified therapists.  I can’t describe it – you just need to experience it!

Massage for Pregnancy and Babies – to book click here
Knowing how to adapt your massage sequence for all stages of pregnancy means you can offer tension release and comfort from the beginning to the end of the pregnancy.
Babies are little people!  This course teaches you to adapt massage for babies and young children.

Hot and Cold Stone Massage – to book click here
Everyone who takes this course says “I am not really interested in using cold stones” and when they leave the are saying “oh wow aren’t the cold stones amazing”!
We teach this course as a therapeutic massage showing you how to release pain and congestion.  It is also a very relaxing massage

First Aid – to book click here
Our one day first aid training is recognised by all Professional bodies in Ireland.


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