Diploma in Aromatherapy

Train in a fun, caring and supportive environment.

Obus Aromatherapy Diploma delivers an unmatched depth of instruction and offers the most extensive and comprehensive course syllabus in the field of modern Aromatherapy.

Explore practical studies encompassing hand massage, seated heart chakra massage for emotional balance, and foot reflex massage for comprehensive full body support.

Immerse yourself in our comprehensive Aromatherapy Diploma program, gaining extensive knowledge and skills. Expertly blend essential oils for healing, support mental health, manage stress, and enhance emotional balance. Specialize in skin conditions, pregnancy, cancer support, working with children, and elderly care. Prepare for a transformative learning experience, equipping you to make a positive impact in aromatherapy.

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OBUS has been one of the industry leaders for the last 24 years, and we are always here to support our graduates as they grow and develop their career.

Why study with OBUS Academy?

Benefit from Christine’s expertise and extensive knowledge in Aromatherapy.

As the sole IFPA accredited school in Ireland, OBUS Academy ensures the highest standards of education.

Count on our unwavering support as you evolve and excel in your practice.

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive and specialized Aromatherapy program.

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The best training center I’ve ever been to for upskilling or doing new courses…they really know their stuff and teach with such passion it’s just a pleasure to be there… – Noreen

Great tutors. Delighted to have chosen Obus for my reflexology, reiki, Indian Head Massage and Ear Candling courses.” – Ann McLoughlin