Train in a fun, caring and supportive environment.

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth through the practice of Reiki.

at OBUS Academy, acquire skills to navigate your life’s path, cultivate inner harmony, and unlock your true potential. Shine your bright light.

At OBUS Academy, embark on the journey of Reiki. Level ONE teaches you to do Reiki, initiating your path. In Level TWO, deepen your journey and learn to become Reiki. Level THREE expands your journey, empowering you to empower others.

Acquire invaluable skills at OBUS Academy to navigate your life’s path with confidence, foster inner harmony, and unleash your true potential. Let your bright light shine as you embrace the fullness of who you are.

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OBUS has been one of the industry leaders for the last 24 years, and we are always here to support our graduates as they grow and develop their career.

Experience an exceptional Reiki learning journey at OBUS Academy with Christine, a knowledgeable expert and captivating tutor. Benefit from personalized and focused training,

Immerse yourself in a vibrant and supportive learning atmosphere, exploring the depths of Reiki practice.

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The best training center I’ve ever been to for upskilling or doing new courses…they really know their stuff and teach with such passion it’s just a pleasure to be there… – Noreen

Great tutors. Delighted to have chosen Obus for my reflexology, reiki, Indian Head Massage and Ear Candling courses.” – Ann McLoughlin