Fertility Reflexology




Saturday 15 June 2019 – Friday 15 June 2018

Times: 9.30am to 5.30pm



About this Course

This one-day workshop is designed to educate the Reflexologist to work with women and men who are trying to conceive and who may or may not be also using IVF.

Why take this course:

Fertility Reflexology is much in demand and the knowledge gained on this comprehensive course will give the therapist the skills to work safely with clients who are having difficulty conceiving.

Pregnancy massage at OBUS

What will you learn?

• Revisit the Endocrine System
o How it works
o Where it is mapped on the feet
• Revisit the Reproductive System – Female and Male
o How it works
o Where it is mapped on the feet
• The hormones involved in conception
• Common problems causing fertility issues
• How and why stress effects conception
• A brief overview of the tests and treatment options your clients maybe using or considering
• Reflexology during IVF
• Intake form and consultation techniques to help you plan your reflexology treatments
• How infertility affects your clients emotionally and physically
• Homecare points for female and male clients
• The importance of good nutrition during this time.
• Visualisation techniques – getting the mind and emotions involved
The day will be a mixture of theory and practical and there will be lots of time for questions and discussion.

Can I learn more?

A lot of students who take this course also take the Maternity Reflexology course.  Click here

Who can attend?

This course is open to qualified Reflexologists only