Generosity even in difficult times

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During our charity day where we offered mini facials for a €5 donation to the Irish Cancer Society I was struck with the wonderful generosity of spirit everyone displayed coming up to the event and during the day itself.

When I suggested it to the therapists working at Obus Wellness Centre their immediate willingness to get involved was heart warming.

Coming up to the day the local business graciously promoted the even.

When I put the call out to past and present student of Obus School looking for extra therapists we got a quick and willing response from lots of people.

On the day therapists, who gave their time free, were full of caring for the people coming to the centre and for each other.

The people coming to the event were very generous.

The biggest sound of the day was laughter as everyone involved had some fun and it made me realise that as a nation we have had nothing to laugh about for such a long time. It was great to hear it again, I have missed it!