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Healthy Home

Below are some facts and tips about scented candles and scented air fresheners that you will want to know to help keep your home healthy!

Did you know?

Paraffin Wax candles
Burning Paraffin candles creates highly toxic fumes in your home.  These fumes are similar to the fumes emitted from diesel.

Metal Wicks
Many scented candles have metal wicks.
These wicks can contain heavy metals like lead, and it has been found that burning four metal-wick candles for two hours can result in airborne lead concentration that pose a threat to human health.


Air Fresheners
By plugging the air freshener into the wall or using an aerosol air freshener, you are exposing your family to a host of health problems. These symptoms might not develop immediately, but the toxic compounds can build up in the body over time and cause long-term health issues.

Synthetic fragrances also tend to overstimulate and cause headaches as well are irritation.

What to avoid:

  • Candles with shiny metal wire inside of the wicks, opt for pure paper or cotton instead.
    Slow burning candles with additives – they often feel greasy to touch
  • Candles in jars that leave soot around the ring, soot is an indication of lead dust.
  • Ingredients such as “fragrance”.

This is a heading under which a lot of manufacturers hide “nasties”

What to use/do instead:

Soy candles
Tea lights
Vaporise essential oils

4-7 drops of your chosen oil/oils to a burner, add boiling water

Light candle and enjoy!


For safer ways of freshening your indoor air:

Open windows
Empty bins
Use natural odour-busters like fresh flowers on the kitchen counter
Citrus peels in the bin.
Vaporise good quality essential oils

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