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The world of complementary medicine is fascinating.  Sometimes the variety of courses available can seem daunting.  We offer a range of “introduction to……” courses to help you try out a therapy to use on your family and friends before you decide if you want to use it professionally.

OBUS School of Healing therapies “Introduction to……” series of courses are designed to explain an aspect of complementary medicine to the newcomer or to explain a therapy to a professional therapist.  You will go away from the course with a skill that can be used on family and friends and a deeper understanding of a therapy.

  • Indian Head Massage

    About The Course

    Indian Head Massage is a seated massage which is preformed over the clothing.  It is an Ayurvedic Massage this works on the upper body.  A warm oil treatment can be added at the end of the treatment which relaxes the scalp and nourishes the hair.

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  • Introduction to Crystal Healing

    About this course:

    This one-day course is an introduction to the wonderful energy of crystals and is for anyone drawn to crystals.  This course will explore their history, formation and how to chose the right one for you!

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  • Introduction to the Chakra System

    About the Course

    The Chakras are part of our subtle anatomy. They are junction points between mind and matter. It is through our subtle bodies that our mind and spirit can communicate with our body.  The Chakras bring the energy “down” from the insubstantial to the substantial, that is, they make the energy more dense so we can “communicate” with it and it can communicate with us.  Understanding what the energy of the Chakras has to teach you can help you to understand how your energy is drained and can teach you skills to energise you and your life.

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  • Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

    About this course

    Introduction to Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology is a two day course and  offers a foundation in Anatomy and Physiology training.  It is for students who practice a therapy that does not require a full diploma in A&P and is required by:

    Reiki Federation of Ireland members
    Reiki Practitioners
    Indian Head Massage Therapists
    Sound Healing Therapists

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  • Introduction to Aromatherapy On-Line

    About this course:

    This is an on-line course which gives you over 7 hours of videos training. It also includes a 28 page “little book” of Aromatherapy AND a 24 page blending booklet.  See just how wonderful the world of Aromatherapy is as Christine demonstrates how to use essential oils safely and creatively for personal wellness.

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  • Introduction to Sound Healing Therapy

    About this course:

    Sound therapy is a form of vibrational healing. Sound helps to bring the person into a trance state of consciousness and this beautiful relaxed state encourages deep healing.

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  • The Body Never Lies – learn to listen

    About the Course

    The body never lies – learn to listen through the lens of Chinese Medicine 
    The body is always trying to re-balance and restore itself. It speaks to us and gives us strong messages telling us what we need to do to restore health and wellbeing.  Learning to listen to the body and read what it has to say can help prevent illness but it can also enrich your life experiences.
    This course is for you if you want a richer life experience and a deeper relationship with yourself.

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  • Introduction to Herbalism

    About The Course

    Discover how to make and use your own herbal extracts to benefit a host of skin issues or to just make your skin even more beautiful!

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