On-line Training Courses

Obus School of Healing Therapies now offer a range of online training.  We offer some course as pre-recorded classes and some as on-line via Zoom and some are a blend of both.

Our Introduction to Aromatherapy is 7 hours of very enjoyable, very informative pre-recorded lessons, while our Introduction to Chakras a 6 hour on-line training via Zoom.

This great opportunity for students to study on-line as it gives them the opportunity to study without the travel!

Welcome to our on-line training and watch as the number of courses available on-line begins to grow!

  • The Body Never Lies – learn to listen

    The body never lies – learn to listen through the lens of Chinese Medicine 
    The body is always trying to re-balance and restore itself. It speaks to us and gives us strong messages telling us what we need to do to restore health and wellbeing.  Learning to listen to the body and read what it has to say can help prevent illness but it can also enrich your life experiences.
    This course is for you if you want a richer life experience and a deeper relationship with yourself.

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  • Introduction to Aromatherapy On-Line

    This is an on-line course which gives you over 7 hours of video training with Christine Courtney the Principal of OBUS Academy. You will learn how to make some wonderful bath oils, body oils, and whipped body butters.  You will also learn how to treat common illnesses like colds, coughs, aches and pains and  learn some great tips to have a good nights sleep. The course comes with a 28 page “little book on aromatherapy” and an aromatherapy blending booklet.

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  • Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology

    This is an on-line only course.

    It consists of pre-recorded videos and practice multiple choice questions.

    The course layout and teaching methods are “user friendly and inspiring” making it easy for the student to retain the information taught.

    When you feel you are ready to take your exam, you send an email to info@obus.ie and we will contact you with possible exam dates.

    375.00 View Dates

Take time to rest, restore, renew and have fun!