Indian Head Massage




Saturday 06 July 2019 – Sunday 07 July 2019

Times: 9.30am to 5.30pm



About The Course

Indian Head Massage is part of the Ayurvedic bodywork healing system. Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda are the ancient life disciplines that have been practiced in India for over five thousand years.

In addition to our physical anatomy, there exits a “subtle” anatomy that is normally unseen. Each Chakra corresponds to a different gland and it governs specific parts of the physical body and area of psychological and spiritual development. Assisting these energy centres to remain unblocked is a highly effective way of resisting ill health.

When giving an Indian Head Massage we assist the Prana (life-force) in entering and moving through the Chakras. Once the Prana enters the Chakras it passes through a complex network of 72,000 subtle energy channels known as Nadis. By working with “subtle” energy in this way we make an Authentic Indian Head Massage a “whole body” treatment.

Indian head massage training in OBUS

Course Content

This two-day course covers:

  • Massage techniques
  • Ayurvedic philosophy of health
  • The subtle anatomy of the body
  • Chakras

Case studies:

Following the course the student has one case study to complete which consists of giving one person 3 one-hour treatments


You do not need a qualification in anatomy and physiology or massage to attend this course.
It is open to everyone, therapists and non-therapists.

But because you must be qualified in anatomy and physiology to practice on the general public, non therapists will receive non-professional “introduction to Indian Head Massage” certificate only.

This certificate can be exchanged (free of charge) for a professional one upon completion of a massage qualification or an anatomy and physiology qualification.

Student Testimonials

“Denise has a lovely relaxed but highly interesting way of delivering the information.  I enjoyed the weekend enormously.  Many thanks.”  

F. C

Very enjoyable week-end, wasn’t overwhelming, was explained very well.  The atmosphere was lovely.  I will recommend this course to anyone who has an interest I therapies and I WILL be back!”

S. O Connor

“This has been the most informational, enjoyable and understandable class that I have EVER taken.  Loved it”


“I had not research Indian Head Massage before the class. Might I say that it was nothing like I envisioned – it was soooo much better.  I had no idea that it was an energy technique and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I want MORE”