Keeping your skin beautiful in this lovely weather

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Keeping Beautiful Skin

It is important to treat your skin to some TLC following
exposure to the sun. Even if you have used a sun factor to prevent damaging
sunburn the skin still needs to be fed.
Looking after your skin means your skin will be healthier
and your tan will last longer.

Here are some simple tips and recipes


  • Make sure you increase your water intake to hydrate your
  • Make sure to take omega oils to oil your skin from the
    inside out.

Vegetable oils

There are some great nourishing vegetable oils to use on
your skin.

My favourites are Rosehip for my face and fractionated Coconut oil for my body.  And if I don’t feel like using an oil on my
skin I will bend my essential oils into the Obus Moisture Lotion Base.

Obus Moisture Lotion Base: This is an natural moisturising lotion.  It is made by blending and emulsifying organic sunflower oil,
organic calendula oil and vitamin E oil.  Click here for detail

Rosehip oil contains amazing properties for tissue re-generation and it is an amazing
anti-wrinkle oil Click here for details 

Fractionated coconut oil is ideal of skin that has been dried or damaged by the sun.  Because it has had the long chain fats
removed it is easily absorbed into the skin and quickly nourishes the skin
without leaving it oily.  Click here for details

If you are using
coconut oil internally use the complete oil which is solid.

The essential oils I
use are

Face Blend

10 ml of Rosehip oil
1 drop of Obus After Sun blend.

I like to keep my essential oil blends on the face to 0.5% or less as the skin on the face is very sensitive.

I like to use the Obus After Sun blend
because it contains all of the above essential oils and I can make up small amounts
at a time.

Apply to your skin in small amounts in the evening.  If you wear makeup with a sun factor in it
then you can apply this to our skin in the morning and apply your makeup“ it
does work!”

Body blend
50ml coconut oil or Obus Moisture Lotion Base
5 drops Vetiver
6 drops Lavender
7 drops Grapefruit
5 drops Geranium

This is about a 2.5% blend which is great on dry skin.
If I am in a hurry I just use 23 drops of
Obus After Sun blend.
Apply to your body after a cool shower and again before bedtime.