Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Dates:                            14th, 15th, 16th July 2023
Venue:                           Rutherfordton, North Carolina.
Cost:                               $275 + free 3 hour ethics course with Laura Allen

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About the Course

Lymphatic drainage massage is a very soft and gently form of massage. It uses a VERY light pressure combined with soft pumping action working in the direction of the lymph nodes only.  It is designed to stimulate the body’s lymphatic system which helps the body to eliminate waste and toxins. It also improves circulation, metabolism and boosts to the immune system.  This course is written by Christine Courtney and is based on her unique method of “following the impediment to flow”.

Why take this course?

Adding lymphatic drainage massage to the list of therapies you offer will greatly enhance your clients health.  Therapeutic Lymphatic Drainage Massage you will help you get client out of pain by removing impediments to flow that working on muscles alone, will not achieve.  It will reduce the negative effects of stress and the lymphatic system impacts greatly on the nervous system

What will I learn?

This is a comprehensive 2.5-day course

The course will cover:

• A full review of the anatomy of the lymphatic system
• Lymphatic Drainage patterns of the body and face
• Indications for lymphatic drainage massage
• Oedema – how to recognise all types of oedema
• Contraindications


How to perform lymphatic drainage on yourself

Lymphatic Drainage in cancer care:

Adaptations needed for clients who have had lymph nodes removed

Upon completion of the course:

The student will know how to perform a treatment which is specific to an area of the body:
• The face
• The upper body
• The abdomen
• Lower body
• And a full body lymphatic drainage massage.
• Adapt massage for clients following lymph node removal

Lymphatic drainage massage is excellent for:

• Clients who get recurrent colds, sore throats etc
• Clients who do not or cannot take much exercise
• Clients suffering with oedema
• Clients who have low energy levels.
• Preparing your clients body for surgery
• Assisting in recover following injury or illness or post-surgery

We all know exercise benefits our heart health.  One of the ways it does that is by increasing the circulation of lymphatic fluid and aiding the removal of waste.   The Lymphatic system has a special role in preventing heart attacks because it helps clear LDL cholesterol out of your arteries.

So, the more efficiently your lymphatic system works the better your body works!  Offering regular Lymphatic Drainage Massage to your clients is an investment in their health!

Who can take this course?

This course is open to all qualified massage therapists.

Why take this course?

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is an incredible massage.  It is gentle enough to preform on even the most fragile person and yet it deeply therapeutic in action.  Knowing how to preform this modality will add to the effectiveness of all treatments you offer, including pain management, as well as giving you a powerful new modality.

The Educated Heart Ethics 3 CE Credit Hours

This very interactive class is based on Nina McIntosh’s The Educated Heart (which I have authored the last two editions of since her passing in 2010). Many times, ethics classes focus on the boundaries of the client—but we need to think about our own boundaries as well! We’ll view short videos depicting common dilemmas that massage therapists are faced with concerning their own boundaries, and attendees will take turns giving different reactions—sounding judgmental, personalizing issues, or handling things in a calm and professional manner. It’s great practice for when pesky situations arise, and great fun as well.


I would like to say a massive “Thank you” for the knowledge you gave me during the weekend training in Lymphatic Drainage Massage.
The technique you taught me is fantastic! I work in a beauty clinic with different body treatments and massages and since I started doing lymphatic drainage massage post your course, it inspired me to want to help people even more.
I have helped clients post different surgeries, mostly post tummy tuck, I have used it for clients with swollen joints, swollen under eyes and even post face jaw bone removal, that helped with the swelling and minimized the pain for the client.
Massive thank you once again for being such an amazing tutor! I will definitely come back in the future for different courses!

Renata Venskūnaitė 2022

Can I learn more?

Yes.  The knowledge learned on this course will greatly enhance the knowledge learned on Massage for Cancer Care click here

This course is approved for CE Contact Hours, Approved by the NCBTMB and the following organisations: