Making your own perfume

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make your own perfume

I was in a cafe yesterday paying for my lunch when the
waitress leaned across the counter, took a deep breath and said “you smell
lovely what perfume are you wearing” and the man standing behind me nodded
and said “she’s right!”  I told her I was an Aromatherapist and
she said, “Wow you made it! – Its lovely!

Want to know what blend I was wearing?

I was wearing it as a body cream, made as follows:

  • 50ml of moisturising body cream
  • 15 drops of Rose and Friends

You can also make it into a perfume

  • 2ml of high proof vodka
  • 30 drops of Rose and Friends
  • 100ml Rose water

Add the essential oils to the vodka and give it a good shake
Add the rose water
Put in a spray bottle
When spraying it on to your body, hold the bottle about
30cms away from you body and the alcohol will disperse before the perfume lands
on your skin.

A great blend for Valentines Day or any day really



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