Aromatherapy Massage

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Full Body Treatment
Unwind, detoxify, nurture and energise the body. Organic essential oils are blended specifically for your needs by our professional Aromatherapist and then applied to the whole body in a luxurious massage.

Back Massage
Using a blend of carefully selected organic essential oils your Aromatherapist will concentrate on areas of tension in the back and arms.

Aromatherapy Deluxe Facial
Gently massage combined with lymph drainage techniques leaves the face looking and feeling radiant. The Obus Skincare products are nurturing to even the most sensitive skin types. This treatment is further enhanced by a luxurious hand and arm massage finishing with a de-stress scalp massage. This facial is suitable for both men and women

Foot Reflex Massage
This treatment combines all the benefits of an Aromatherapy Massage with Reflexology. A personally selected blend of essential oils and creams are massaged into key reflex points of the feet to induce relaxation, de-tox and sleep.

Essential oils used at OBUS
We use organic, therapeutic grade essential oils and carrier oils.
We select the blend for your needs. So if you are getting over a cold, have had repeated bouts of illness recently or if you just need a boost do let us know and we will select a blend to help.

Aromatherapy for Pregnancy:
The OBUS therapists are all trained in aromatherapy and reflexology to support a healthy pregnancy.
If you have any questions regarding which treatment is more suitable for your stage of pregnancy please ring and we will be delighted guide you towards the most suitable treatment.

Aromatherapy Treatments:

Full Body Massage
Two hours – including a facial €125.00
One hour €65.00
Deluxe Facial – one hour €65.00
Foot Reflex Massage – one hour €65.00


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