OBUS Signature Treatments

The OBUS signature treatment is a combination of treatments.  It can include:

Back Massage
Using a blend of carefully selected organic essential oils your Aromatherapist will concentrate on areas of tension in the back and arms.

Foot Reflex Massage
This treatment combines all the benefits of an Aromatherapy Massage with Reflexology.  A personally selected blend of essential oils and creams are massaged into key reflex points of the feet to induce relaxation, de-tox and sleep.

Reiki is a hands on relaxing treatment.  One hour Reiki has the same benefits to the body as 4 hours deep sleep.  This fact alone makes it a great addition to your treatment.

Head massage and mini facial (with the deluxe signature treatment only)
This treatment is designed to relax the muscles of the face, neck and head leaving your feeling alert and relaxed at the same time!

Essential oils used at OBUS
We use organic, therapeutic grade essential oils and carrier oils.
We select the blend for your needs.  So if you are getting over a cold, have had repeated bouts of illness recently or if you just need a boost do let us know and we will select a blend to help.

Indian Head Massage
This is a wonderfully relaxing upper body massage.  It is carried out in a chair over your clothes.  This is an excellent treatment for people who are experiencing grief or who are recovering from cancer or serious illnesses.
It is a very gentle yet deeply relaxing massage.
It helps you breath deeply again

Obus Signature Hour in Pregnancy:
Our signature hour can be adapted to whatever stage you are at in your  pregnancy.
The OBUS therapists are all trained in aromatherapy and reflexology to  support a healthy pregnancy.
If you have any questions regarding which treatment is more suitable for your stage of pregnancy please ring and we will be delighted guide you towards the most suitable treatment.

includes, Back Massage, Reflexology and Reiki
Cost: €60.00   To book: phone 01-6282121 or click here

includes aromatic Indian Head massage and Reiki
Cost: €50.00   To book: phone 01-6282121 or click here

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