What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral therapy is a very light touch therapy that invites the body into deep relaxation so that healing can take place both emotional and physical. Your body has an innate ability to self heal and so we encourage that healing through the session. Through the skill of light touch the therapist can assist in supporting and restoring the bodys own healing process.

Craniosacral therapy is so gentle that it is suitable for babies, children, the elderly, as well as adults. Treatment can aid almost any condition, raising vitality and improving the body’s capacity for self-repair.

Craniosacral therapy can treat conditions such as:

  • Anxiety or nervous Disorders
  • Panic attacks
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Vertigo
  • Depression
  • Migraines
  • Re-integration after accidents
  • Sinusitis
  • Allergies
  • Digestive problems
  • Emotional problems
  • Asthma

At the initial meeting, the therapist will take a full history including any medical issues.emotional issues and any accident/operations that may have taken place. This history will include any traumas that the client may have experienced.

During the session all you need to do is take off your shoes. Most of the work takes place with you lying down, although some techniques require you to stand or sit. The therapist  places hands on the various parts of the body with very gentle pressure You may experience states of deep relaxationheattingling sensations and energy releases.

This may be due to a release of muscle tension as nerve and blood flow begins to move more freely.

Craniosacral – Per session (50-60 minutes)
Cost: €75.00   To book: phone 01-6282121 or 


How will this therapy help me?
Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a light-touch hands-on therapy that enhances the body’s natural capacity for healing. It brings the body into a very relaxed state and allows for relief from tension and medical/emotional conditions. The vast majority of conditions are safe to be treated with craniosacral therapy.

What can I expect from a session?
The first treatment usually starts by your therapist taking a brief medical history to get a general picture of your health and to establish where any unresolved problems may have originated. You will then be asked to lie on a therapy table, unless this proves difficult for you, where you will be treated sitting in a chair.

Do I need to undress?
There is no need to undress, but it is advisable to wear light, loose-fitting clothing so that you are comfortable.

Is it safe after surgery?
As surgery can be very traumatic to the whole body because of the anaesthesia and the actual surgery, this can really throw your body way off. CST can help with the healing process and with the after effects of the anaesthetic.

I have bad back pain. Can it help with this?
Yes, CST is very good for back pain and strains in muscular areas. The client can lie on their side if being on their back is to painful or they can sit up and still be treated.

I have had episodes of Vertigo, Nausea and tinnitus. Can this be treated with craniosacral therapy?
Yes indeed, the therapy will go about settling the nervous system and also helps with balance.

I have Fybromyalgia. Can CST help with this?
Yes indeed. CST is very good for treating this as It allows more space in the body so nerves can function better and it also gives relief from pain.

Is it good for migraines?
Yes CST is very successful in treating migraines.

How many sessions would I need?
Typically 3-6 sessions are normal for most conditions but some clients can get relief in just one session. Deeper work may be required for clients so the time frame might be up to 10 sessions.

Is it suitable for babies and children?
Yes, CST is very successful for babies when they are having trouble sleeping or feeding and also very good for colic and re-flux. There are numerous times when CST is suitable for young children in situations like:

Helping with sleep challenges, developmental delay, ADHD, orthopaedic and neurological problems and many other challenges.

What age does my baby have to be to come for a session?
There is no age limit so a baby can be brought for a session when it is only a few days old and this can be very beneficial if the birth has been a long one or there have been complications. It can also benefit mum too.

Can I come for a session if I am pregnant?
Yes. Clients can be seated up or lying on their side for a treatment.


“I have suffered from belching for the last 2 years and recently I had a craniosacral session to see if this could help me.
I had huge belching release’s during the treatment and I felt so much better almost immediately.
My symptoms have completed eased up since my treatment and I am no longer belching randomly throughout the day as I had been before. I am beyond words on how amazing Craniosacral therapy is and I have already booked again.” – H. Colgan

” I  recently fell, which resulted in a broken nose.  The shock to my body, was like nothing I have experienced before, as I was totally ” not me” – huge lose of confidence and all over the place, not to mention the pain and headaches.

 I turned a massive corner, when I had a Cranial sacral treatment with Helen Carbery at Obus. During  the first treatment , I released the shock as Helen described it, I felt so relaxed and so at ease . On the following treatment, the sensations I let go, where all down to my fall – the only way I can describe it as – my head feeling lighter and for the first time, the tightness around my nose and my entire face, totally eased and in fact that evening, I was astonished at now, for the first time , I had no pain.

Helen is extremely gentle and professional at what she does. An absolute amazing treatment in how the body can heal itself through the power of Craniosacral therapy . Highly recommend this and so looking forward  my next treatment at Obus. ”  Sinead McDonnell 

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