Hot Stone Massage

Experience the ultimate in luxury with our range of Hot Stone Massage therapies.

For the ultimate in luxury and relaxation, it doesn’t get better than our range of Hot Stone Massage Therapies. Carried out by highly trained and knowledgeable therapists, this fantastic treatment will leave you deeply relaxed, de-stressed and ready to face the world again.

There are two treatments available in our Hot Stone Massage range – Hot Stone Body Massage, and the Hot Stone Foot Massage. Each one is a wonderfully enjoyable and incredibly relaxing experience that relieves the stress of the day and eases those aches and pains.

Hot and Cold Stone Massage

Hot Stone Body Massage – One Hour

The combination of therapeutic massage and warm basalt stones helps to deeply relax the muscles and ease tension.  It is excellent for a tired, tight body that needs help relaxing.
Different combinations of stone pressure, size and temperature are blended to give excellent results.  This helps to reduce inflammation, ease tension and relieve pain.
Definitely worth experiencing!


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Hot Stone Foot Massage – One Hour

A combination of three powerful therapies – Hot Stone Therapy, Aromatherapy and Reflexology.
This treatment is absolute luxury and will leave you deeply relaxed and de-stressed.


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Relax and let the Hot Stones soothe away the stresses with one of our Hot Stone Massage packages.

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