Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a very gentle massage.  As your lymphatic vessels are located just below your skin a qualified therapist can use special massage strokes to accelerate and enhance the flow of lymphatic fluid.

The main function of the lymphatic system is to remove metabolic waste and toxins from your system.

Lymphatic drainage massage is excellent if:

  • You get recurrent colds, sore throats etc
  • You do not or can not take much exercise
  • You are suffering with oedema*
  • You have low energy levels
  • You have new or old scars that are congested
  • You are stressed
  • Pre and Post surgery
  • To relieve pain and congestion in arthritic joints
  • Pre and Post long haul flights

We all know exercise benefits our heart health.  One of the ways it does that is by increasing the circulation of lymphatic fluid and aiding the removal of waste.   The Lymphatic system has a special role in preventing heart attacks because it helps clear LDL cholesterol out of your arteries.

So, the more efficiently your lymphatic system works the better your body works!  Regular Lymphatic Drainage Massage is an investment in your health!

Lymphatic Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage – One Hour

Which is done using manual drainage which is a soft massage


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ACE Lymphatic Massage

Advanced Lymphatic Drainage Massage – One Hour

Which is carried out with our ACE machine


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The therapist will discuss with you which is more appropriate for your condition or if a combination of manual and machine will be the most effective

Lymphatic Drainage massage can help reduce cholesterol levels.

“When lymph flow is sluggish, HDL molecules simple are not available to pickup excess cholesterol deposits.  If you speed up the circulation time of lymph, you will also improve the efficiency of HDL to scavenge excess fat from the arteries.” Dr Christiane Northrop   

*NOTE: Not all clients suffering from oedema should have a lymphatic drainage massage. Please discuss this with us prior to booking an appointment

I have been telling everyone about Lymphatic drainage massage in Obus. My leg and foot weren’t swollen after my last visit, I slept so well and I wasn’t expecting my sinus and head to be so clear. Thank God for Google and Obus

One client’s comments following her course of Lymphatic Drainage massage in OBUS.She had had surgery 6 weeks prior to attending for her first massage.

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