Oncology Massage and Oncology Reflexology

Cancer care training at OBUS  

A lot of people, including massage therapists, have the belief that massage spreads cancer. This is NOT true. And to continually repeat this erroneous information denies people who are really in need of therapeutic touch from experiencing a powerfully relaxing and nurturing massage.

Massage and Reflexology can be given to anyone (with a small number of exceptions) at any stage of cancer treatment.

How does Oncology Massage and Oncology Reflexology differ from a standard treatments?
The Oncology therapist will be trained to ask questions related to the type of treatment/s you have received for cancer. This is to allow your massage or reflexology treatment to be adjusted and adapted to suit your personal needs.

Types of oncology treatments available:
The OBUS therapists are trained in Oncology Massage and Oncology Reflexology. The focus of these treatments is comfort. Our therapists can adapt almost any if the treatments offered in our clinic to suit any stage of cancer and post treatments.

Oncology Massage – One hour

Cost: 1 hour €75.00   To book: phone 01-6282121 or 

Oncology Reflexology – One hour

Cost: 1 hour €75.00  To book: phone 01-6282121 or 

If you have had cancer, or are currently being treated for cancer, please let us know when you are booking your treatment so we can make sure we match you with the correct therapist

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