Sound Therapy

Experience bliss and let the power of sound wash the stress away.

We often forget just how powerful and emotive sounds can be. At OBUS, our Sound Therapy Treatments are performed by trained therapists who understand how sound can be used to heal, inspire, de-stress, and reset the balance of the mind.

Sound is a physical thing and manipulated correctly can have profound beneficial effects on physical and emotional well-being. Intensely de-stressing and harmonising, Sound Therapy can restore vitality, help healing, and rejuvenate your creative side and intuition.

Sound Therapy

Enjoy one hour of pure bliss!


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Lose yourself and let your body be cleansed and harmonised on a physical and mental level with Sound Therapy. Perfect for easing the strain of a busy modern lifestyle, Sound Therapy lets your mind drift off while your body resets and relaxes all that pent up tension.

Why not contact us to find out more about how our blissful Sound Therapy Treatments can help you both physically and mentally.

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