NEW Advanced Deluxe Rejuvenating Reflexology




Saturday 21 September 2019 – Sunday 22 September 2019

Times: 9.30am to 5.30pm



About The Course

Denise Hanlon has added a two day advanced workshop to her Rejuvenating Reflexology Course incorporating a deluxe uplifting and revitalising facial with natural organic products.

This will teach the Reflexologist detailed points and reflex areas of the face and head to help balance and harmonise, not only the client’s complexion but their whole body.

We will explore the philosophy of Chinese medicine and the Zangfu (organs) and Jing lao (meridians) and how this applies to overall health. We will also look at acupressure points in the ears, hands and feet to help balance the body.

The course will incorporate the use of facial Guasha, a natural therapy that involves a light scraping of the skin with a massage tool to improve circulation and eliminate toxins.

Facial cupping will be taught and how it helps improve drainage and circulation.

A full facial sequence with organic products will be taught – using cleanser, exfoliation, mask, and serum plus moisturiser and toner.

All products and tools will be available for purchase on the day of workshop.

Students taking this course must have taken the OBUS Facial Rejuvenating Reflexology two day course.  Click here for details