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What is happening in OBUS in the next 12 months?

I have just finished putting the 2019-2020 schedule together and I am THRILLED with the result!
This job starts 6-10 months before it starts!  I begin by opening a file and gathering all the comments, requests and suggestions from our OBUS students, clients and friends.

Comments like

  • I would love to know more about Ayurvedic medicine”
  • “I work in a nursing home and would love to be able to do more for my clients”
  • “I know nothing about all the stuff you teach but I would love to – where do I start?”

These and many more comments formulate my plan and I begin to build and shape the training schedule for the year to come.

One of the first things I normally do is sit down and write all the new courses …. but this year I have some great teachers joining me in writing and developing our training courses.

  • Denise Hanlon has written some great new Reflexology courses
  • Heather Lamour has written our new Lomi Lomi training course
  • Martina Connolly has written our new combined diploma in Swedish Massage and Sports Massage Level 3

I have also met some amazing teachers and trainers as I travel to conferences or go on training myself and I have encouraged them to bring their knowledge and skill to OBUS this year.

For the Aromatherapists we have Jonathan Benavides teaching the H.E.A.R.T.S. programme which is an amazing workshop for aromatherapists working with vulnerable and fragile clients’, and we have herbalist Vivienne Campbell teaching all our aromatherapists how to make their own infused oils.

We have lots of new training and lots of updates to our regular training.  It is my hope you will be educated, inspired and renewed!

So, let’s see what we have for YOU!

MASSAGE THERAPISTS – check it out here
REFLEXOLOGISTS – check it out here
AROMATHERAPISTS – check it out here
REIKI PRACTITIONERS – check it out here

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING – If you want to get started as a professional therapist – check out our Diploma Courses here!

SPECIAL INTEREST WORKSHOPS FOR ALL Holistic Therapists and NON Therapists – check them out here

GETTING STARTED – OBUS “Introduction to…. courses” check them out here

WELLNESS EVENTS – check it out here

FIRST AID TRAINING – check it out here

UPDATING AND REFRESHING your skills – check it out here 


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