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With our NEW Pregnancy Pilates class starting NEXT WEEK we are celebrating all things pregnancy related at OBUS!


Our OBUS Blends have been designed specifically for women by a woman, Christine Courtney, principal and owner of OBUS wellness school and centre.

Many pregnant women are nervous to use essential oils but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Check out Christine’s blog on Essential oil safety, it’s a must.

Two fantastic OBUS essential oil blends that you can use during pregnancy are; The Care for Stretch Marks and Scars Blend and the Rose and Friends Blend. Both of these blends are brilliant for your skin, during and after pregnancy or even before!

Care for Stretch Marks and Scars

A beautiful blend of neat essential oils of Lavender*, Patchouli, Frankincense and Sweet Orange*

The ideal blend to:

Help heal and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and rapid growth of puberty. Helps heal old and new scars

Best used in:

  • Body cream or oil
  • Bath

Rose and Friends

A beautiful blend of neat essential oils of Palmarosa, Rose Otto and Geranium

The ideal blend for:

Relaxation and nurturing self, hormonal balancing

Best used in:

  • bath
  • body cream or oil
  • vaporizer
  • perfume
  • tissue inhalation

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Morning Sickness

Unfortunately, there is no cure for morning sickness but we do have some tips to help ease the symptoms.

  1. Drink – Ginger Tea, here in OBUS we love PUKKA’s ginger tea and it comes highly recommend from us to you for all types nausea.
  2. Food – of course you are not going to feel like eating when you have morning sickness but when it passes, try a ginger biscuit with your cup of tea. Again, Ginger is great for all types of nausea.
  3. Smell – pregnant women are very sensitive to smell and Christine recommends a lovey refreshing blend of essential oils using a combination of spearmint, peppermint and spearmint. These oils can be used in an aromatherapy inhaler together or individually.

**NEW Pregnancy Wellness Classes

This year OBUS have specifically designed a series of pre-and post-pregnancy Pilates classes with you in mind so whether you’re a new mum or mum to be, there is something for everyone.

They will be commencing in June 2017 so keep an eye out on our website for all the details on our pre-and post-pregnancy classes.

Pregnancy Treatments

Being kind to you, your body and your baby during pregnancy is vital and here at OBUS we have created a menu of pregnancy treatments just for you including massage and reflexology.

Appointments are available Mon-Sun by calling on the office on 01 628 2121

If you have any questions regarding which treatment is more suitable for your stage of pregnancy, please ring and we will be delighted to guide you towards the most suitable treatment.

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