Prickly Heat Rash

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Prickly Heat Rash Treatment

Prickly Heat is a heat rash which can be very itchy and annoying.

It occurs when the body can not regulate temperature properly and results in raised itchy spots.

It happens when the sweat glands get blocked or when the skin is occluded (covered and can’t breathe) by waterproof sun screen, oily body lotions or synthetic clothing. 

It also occurs in young children because their sweating mechanism is not fully developed. 

The heat produces a rash of red spots on the face or body and usually disappears once you cool off or become acclimatised to the change in temperature.

How to do you treat it?

Cool off in the shower

Wear light, loose clothing made from natural fibres.

Taking some vitamin c can sometimes help the immune system deal better with the heat.

Do NOT put lots of creams and lotions on the rash as you just generate more heat.

If you are putting anything on the skin make sure it is a light easily absorbed lotion 

Here is some help – this blend is suitable for adults

50mls Obus lotion base

8 drops lavender oil

5 drops roman chamomile oil

2 drops peppermint 

Enjoy the sun!