Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy


During this 2-day workshop you will learn how to work with clients who are having or have had treatment for cancer and other serious illnesses.  You will learn to make suppositories, pessaries, capsules and ointments to address pain, infection and inflammation.  Making gels for oral hygiene during chemotherapy.  Using vegetable oils, infused oils and hydrosols for tissue repair and healing for clients who are or have received treatment for cancer.

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What is Clinical Aromatherapy?

There are lots of different interpretations of it.  My understanding of the meaning of clinical aromatherapy is based on how the therapist works with the oils and not on where they work with the oils. So for me a clinical aromatherapist blends essential oils, vegetable oils and infused oils, to effect a change in presenting symptoms and pathologies.

Course content:

Review of Chemistry of Essential Oils

Making blends for:
Pain relief
Infection control
Reducing inflammation
Aiding sleep and recover
Wound healing

Using Aromatherapy in Cancer care

Reviewing all methods of use:
Topical – high and low percentage dilutions
Inhalation – its role in pain management, and mental health
Suppositories – in pain and infection control
Pessaries – in infection control and tissue health
Capsules – in pain and infection control
Oral gels – for infection and malodour

Correct blending for:
Acute and chronic illness

Protocols and current safety requirements for:
•    Clients on blood thinners
•    Essential oil interaction with common drugs.

Practical demonstrations:
There will be a class demonstration making:

Enhancing the treatment:
Using Magnetic therapy to enhance your treatment
The use of heat to increase absorption
The use of silicon cups to increase absorption

On-line course backup:
Therapists attending this course will receive 30 days access to our 7 hour on line training for Chemistry of Essential oils for clinical blending

Who can attend this course?
This course is for qualified Aromatherapists only.

This course is approved for Continual Professional Development (CPD points) with the following organisations:



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