Aromatherapy for Healing Skin Problems


About the course:

This on-line course will teach you how to use essential oils, vegetable oils, infused oils and aromatic waters to nurture, heal and protect the skin

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Why take this course?

This course will give you the tools to blend therapeutically for a wide range of common skin problems.  You will learn what oils help and what oils can make a condition worse.

What will you learn?

Many skin conditions can be prevented, helped or treated using Aromatherapy.  This course will take you through the correct protocols for blending for sensitive, dry, weeping and infected skin.

You will learn the protocols and procedures to use Aromatherapy to treat:
Acne Rosacea

You will learn:
A wide range of vegetable oils
Infused oils
Aloe Vera gel
Aromatic waters

Skin care for your clients:
You will learn what constitutes a healthy skin care routine so you can advise your client on how to keep their skin healthy.

Can I learn more?

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What our students say?

“This was great course! I learned a lot and will have much more confidence when a client presents with skin problems.  I really enjoyed the way Christine teaches, she packed so much into the day.”  RP2015

This course is approved for Continual Professional Development (CPD points) with the following organisations: