Aromatherapy for Women’s Health


This course provides Aromatherapists with the skills to help their female clients, of any age, to balance the changes that occur in their bodies from puberty to menopause and beyond.

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This course provides a holistic approach to women’s health and wellbeing.
It will help you to educate your client to listen to the language of their own body as it changes, day to day, month to month, and year to year.

By helping your client hear their own inner voice of change, as the change begins, rather than in looking back, you help them address the issues caused by fluctuating hormones before these issues impact negatively on their physical and mental health.

We will cover:

The female endocrine system. We will focus on how it effects women’s cycle, mental health, brain health, and bone health.
Why women must be encouraged to look after their mental health
We will look at the monthly and lifetime cycle of a women’s hormones.
Essential oils to support hormonal balance
Methods of use of essential oils to support hormonal balance and mental health.
How to integrate this information into your Aromatherapy practice.

Who can attend this course:

This course if for Aromatherapists.

Can I learn more?

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