Aromatherapy Refresh and Upgrade your training


Did you qualify in Aromatherapy before 2010? A lot has changed in those 10 years!  More is now known and has been researched on the power of essential oils to heal and support the body.  Update and upgrade your knowledge to unlock the full power and potential of your blends and applications.


Who can take this course?

This course is for Aromatherapy Professionals holding a recognised Diploma in Aromatherapy.   It is for Aromatherapists who have trained with any school worldwide.  It is designed for Aromatherapists who want to update and refresh their knowledge.

Course Content

Students will study safe and effective blending protocols for:

  • Avoid phototoxicity
  • Support a healthy pregnancy**
  • Safe blending for babies and infants**
  • How to avoid drug interaction
  • Safe, effective and therapeutic vaporising

Using Alcohols in aromatherapy

  • Perfumers’ alcohol
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Ethanol alcohol

What’s the difference and how and when to use them?

Blending for
Wellness blending to help maintain health and wellness
Therapeutic blending for common illness, pain and infection
Intensive blending protocol for serious illness and pain

Essential oils
We will review 15 of the must have essential oils for a professional practice

Vegetable oils and infused oils
We will review 6 of the must have vegetable oils for a professional practice

Chemistry of essential oils and its practical application in your practice when blending for:
Broken Bones
Fungal infection

Aromatherapy for healthy skin 
Treating common skin conditions such as
“Stressed Skin”
Skin Rashes

Course Structure:

This course is a blended learning course – in person and online
There is one day in class covering

  • safety
  • hands on blending
  • essential oils
  • vegetable oils
  • infused oils

Chemistry of Essential oil and its application in your practice is a 6 hour pre-recorded course

Aromatherapy for Healthy Skin is a 5 hour pre-recorded course

The in-person study allows the students to touch, feel, smell and interact with the essential oils and the vegetable oils and is NOT recorded
The on-line study allows the students to revisit the detailed information covered as often as they need to over a 3 month period, ensuring a thorough understand of the material taught.

How to Book:

To book your place please send a copy of your Diploma in Aromatherapy. If you trained outside Ireland please send a copy of the syllabus showing the number of hours training and number of case studies completed.

Upgrade to IFPA:

If students wish to upgrade their training to allow them to join the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists IFPA, they need to take this course PLUS our Aromatherapy for Pregnancy and Babies (click here for details)

Please note:

**This course covers what essential oils are safe during pregnancy and for babies.  It does NOT cover protocols for childbirth, postpartum and babies etc.  For that detailed course click here