Aromatic-Kinesiology LEVEL TWO


Aromatic Kinesiology Two builds on the techniques introduced in the AK One Foundation Course. Dive deeper into understanding the intimate connection between your emotions and various skin conditions as you discover your unique skin type. Explore the AK process for cultivating radiant skin, using the skin emotions chart, and harnessing the therapeutic potential of the top 12 essential oils for skincare.

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AK Two – The Path of Nurture continues the journey of nurturing your loving heart and deepens your understanding of the nourishing power of essential oils.
The key to true wellbeing is to allow self-care to become an important practice in your daily life as you gently use and cherish what comes from this earth. Being at home in yourself brings a strength and sustenance and from this place your authentic self can be fully expressed.
The Path of Nurture has self-love at its core and embraces aromatherapy and the Essential Oil Reflections as beautiful reminders of the spirit, look and feel of your life. The beautiful allure of essential oils and spirit-nurturing living will inspire your heart to blossom and design a life that truly shines.

I am so looking forward to returning to Dublin and Obus to share my work. The Essential Oil Reflections from The Blossoming Heart are metaphors for positive change and are the focal point of the teachings found in all Aromatic Kinesiology workshops. I look forward to sharing these heart-felt, nurturing days with you.

Prior learning required

Aromatic Kinesiology One – Foundation Course
You will find it a seamless transition to move directly from AK One into AK Two, no matter whether you attended an AK One in the past or plan to attend AK One in February 2025.

About the workshop

Aromatic Kinesiology Two is designed to build upon the powerful experience of the concepts from the AK One Foundation Course. Once again you will learn a set of skills that you can use in your personal and professional life, so please come prepared to do work on yourself first which will then enable you to integrate with ease, any of the techniques you experience into other areas of your life.

Some of the workshop will be your own individual process as well as group processes and partner work. We will explore a series of self-care practices and in particular, look at how we care deeply for ourselves and others. The power of nurture can play an important part in the way in which we connect to life at its fullest.

The AK Two manuals comprise a comprehensive workbook and also a TCM meridian resource manual. All 60 essential oils will be available for your use during the workshop. You will also be creating several aromatic blends, including an aromatic mist and a skin care creme to take home with you.

You will leave on Sunday feeling nurtured, relaxed and quietly confident, knowing you have some fabulous techniques and elegant skills to use out in the wider world.


Topics covered on AK Two – The Path of Nurture

• The nature of nurture
• Allowing nourishment to flow as an act of self-care
• Beautiful lavender flower meditation
• Building emotional resilience through nurture
• The relationship between essential oils & the acupuncture meridians
• 14 meridian diagrams in detail
• Creating emotional harmony within meridians using essential oils
• • Enhancing detoxification through activation of the lymphatics
• Using essential oils to facilitate relaxation and mindfulness
• Chakra colour meditation
• Chakra essential oils
• Balancing your chakra energies to keep your heart-light switched on
• Deepening the counselling process using The Essential Oil Reflections
• Creative imagery in healing
• Refining muscle testing to converse with the body clearly
• How to use Aromatic Kinesiology within the context of a consultation
• Establishing a foundation for deeper heart-connecting work
• Nutrition for clear, healthy, vibrant skin

What students say about this course

While I have used essential oils in almost all of my work for over 20 years, I came to a much deeper understanding of their gifts with Aromatic Kinesiology. Plant energetics was not really a part of my awareness until this beautiful woman shared her knowledge through the AK 1 & AK 2 Blossoming Heart Workshops. This training has expanded me beyond words really… because that’s what this work does, it changes your state of mind as well as your state of being. I’m forever grateful. Learning this practice has allowed my soul to bloom, bless Robbi for sharing her light and wisdom with us all. In one word, the knowledge I gained was metamorphic for my life work.
Nicole Nicholson Scent and Sound Therapist

Aromatic Kinesiology feels like a language I have always known but never had the ability to speak. I have participated in many group trainings and events and the way you hold the space is by far the most safe, gentle and inclusive. Completely led by the heart. Thank you truly from the depth of my being for sharing this work with the world. It has changed me and dismantled self-imposed walls that have been preventing me from living what lights me and others up. With your beautiful energy, knowledge and guidance I feel so bright and uplifted for my path. Thank you Robbi I am so very grateful.
Lisa Ray Yin Yoga Teacher

About the tutor

Robbi Zeck, is the author of the beautiful book The Blossoming Heart and creator of the Aromatic Kinesiology Method – The Aromatic Heartwork that Inspires Transformation. Based in Ballarat Australia, with a career spanning more than 40 years as a Kinesiologist, Counsellor, Naturopath and NLP Practitioner, Robbi has also led more than 30 exquisite, women’s retreats in Bali.

She is co-founder of Aroma Tours which she established with her husband Jim Llewellyn in 1995, their beautiful tours and retreats take them to Spain, Italy and Provence in the South of France every year.

Robbi’s work on the mood enhancing benefits of essential oils for emotional health and how they impact emotional regulation is powerfully represented in her workshops and retreats, which offer a range of techniques and practices that support emotional care and wellbeing. Not only for the client but the practitioner as well.

It naturally follows, that if your own light is shining brightly then it gives others permission to do the same. Spending dedicated time with yourself and knowing how to cherish yourself first and foremost is a gift that arises from Robbi’s beautiful heart work.

As your emotional resilience and self-confidence grows, you can live more fully and make an impact with the people, passions and purposes that matter most to you. Robbi’s passion and joy is in bringing out the best in people to enhance their self-worth and confidence in a way that gently opens and moves them forward.

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