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Our baby yoga classes are based on Hatha yoga as they include a mixture of poses, breathing exercises and meditation with a specific focus on parent and baby interaction. We aim to promote benefits in both baby and parent during our sessions.

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The benefits of yoga are well documented and understood in adults. But did you know that your baby can also benefit from this relaxing and healthy activity?

Our baby yoga classes include customised routines that are designed with both mother and child in mind. These are a great way to integrate postnatal care and relaxation into a parent and child bonding exercise and each parent received a sensory kit to keep!

Baby yoga has many benefits including:

  • co-regulation between parent and baby
  • feelings of calm and relaxation in the parent
  • physical and emotional well-being for the parent
  • physical development of the infant
  • co-ordination skills of the baby
  • promotion of sleep of the baby
  • support with infant gas and constipation
  • promotes language development

With all our classes, we always ensure that fun is included as standard! That’s why we keep the sessions informal, friendly, and relaxed.

This class is suitable for pre-crawling babies and parents do not need any previous yoga experience. Once learned, the techniques can be used anywhere at any time, making baby yoga the perfect exercise to fit into the busy schedule of a new parent.

Over the course of 5 weeks we will join together to explore baby yoga in a supportive environment through the six elements of;
*Parent calm
*Parent stretch
*Baby warm up
*Parent and baby regulation
*Baby moves and
*Cool down

To get the best start in life for your baby, strengthen those parental bonds, have fun, and meet like-minded people, why not contact us today and see how baby yoga classes can add some extra magic to the parenting experience.

Classes are baby led.
They will be small and places will be limited.

*please note this class is suitable for babies from 8 weeks old to pre crawling age.
Baby must have also had a satisfactory hip check.


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