Certificate in Diet and Nutrition


NUTRITION – The forgotten Medicine

The definition of nutrition is “the process of absorbing nutrients from food and processing them in the body in order to keep healthy or to grow”.

Unfortunately for lots of people their only conscious interaction with the food they eat is counting calories to help them lose weight. Because of this they look at some foods as good or bad only in relation to how many calories it contains and therefore how much of it they can eat.

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Why take this course?

Knowledge is powerful. Would you like to know if the meal you are about to eat is:

Power packed with vitamins and nutrients which will give you
energy vitality and health


Is empty and “dead” which will drain you of energy as your
body fights to absorb it?

About the Course

This course will give the student a clear understanding of:

  • The basic principles of nutrition – the difference between nourishing your body and eating food
  • How the foods we eat affect our overall health – the side effects of fad diets and dieting
  • The basic principles of a healthy diet for:
    • Carnivorous
    • Vegetarian
    • Vegan
    • Atkins – discussed and explained
    • Blood Types – discussed and explained
    • Micro biotic diet – discussed and explained
  • What is Acid/Alkaline balance
  • What is Over/under eating
  • Cooking and preparation of food from maximum health benefits
  • Food as medicine – how to use whole foods to restore and maintain
  • Environmental issues around the food we buy
  • Food additives – what they are and why we need some and not others.
  • Food processing – what it does to food and your health
  • Artificial sweeteners and flavouring
  • Preservatives
  • Cleansing the body through
    • Juicing
    • Fasting
    • Exercise
  • The Qi in food we eat
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the digestive system
  • Some common pathologies that respond very well to healthy eating

Who can attend this course?

This course is for complementary therapists who would like to offer intelligent nutritional advice to their clients and patients.

It is suitable for:

  • Complementary Therapists
  • Pilates teachers
  • Yoga teachers
  • Gym instructors
  • Parents

Case Studies:

During the course students will have to complete 5 case studies, that is, they need to work with 5 people 4 times offering nutritional advice for specific ailments and objectives.

Course Payment Structure:

Paid in installments.

  • Non Refundable Deposit: €100
  • Ist Installment: €350
  • 2nd Installment: €300
  • 3rd Installment: €140 Exam Fee


This course leads to an ITEC Certificate in Diet & Nutrition for Complementary Therapists.
Please note this course does NOT lead to a qualification in Nutritional Therapy.


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