Chemistry of Essential Oils


Essential oils can have hundreds of chemical constituents and understanding the major constituents can help you create therapeutic blends for acute and chronic illness, pain, inflammation and infection.  Creating blends that have a higher qualities of essential requires knowledge to remain safe as well as effective

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Why take this course?

As a Professional Aromatherapist, it is important to have a detailed knowledge of the essential oils you use to allow you to work safely and therapeutically.  Part of that knowledge comes from having an understanding of the complex chemical makeup of each essential oil.  This course will simplify this knowledge to enable you to delve deeper into your oils and have an understanding of why your oils work so well!

What will you learn?

Understanding the chemical make-up of your essential oils allows you to compare one oil with another and select the most effective oil for a particular blend.
Chemistry knowledge can alert you to possible hazards or cautions of a particular oil.
It can sometimes help you understand why an oil is particularly effective.

You will understand why:

  • some essential oils should not be used in pregnancy or cancer care
  • what oils to blend for infection and pain
  • why so many essential oils are so effective
  • how to critically read research papers and judge the quality of the research

The course covers:
Some basic Organic Chemistry
Major essential oil constituents
Chemical family theory and its limitations and uses
Essential oil safety – what constitutes a hazard?
Making therapeutic blends using our knowledge of chemistry
How to blend essential oils for acute and chronic conditions
% blending for acute conditions

Essential oils and method of application for:
Wound healing
Pain and inflammation
Infection control
Bacterial infection
Virial infection
Fungal infection

Can I learn more?

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Who can attend this course?

This course is open to qualified Aromatherapists

Student Testimonials

“I have to admit I took this chemistry of essential oils course because I needed the CPD hours. But I am delighted I took it. Christine made the chemistry easy to understand and I know I will refer to the excellent and detailed course manual again and again. Thank you so much for such an informative and well-presented course it will encourage me to use my essential oils in ways I never knew I could.”  AD

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