Crystal Energy Reflex Therapy Workshop


About the course

This workshop is a fusion of the powerful healing energies of Crystals, Chakra balancing, and Acupressure Reflex Massage of the feet.
You will learn a wonderful reflex sequence using a Crystal Wand and tumbled Crystals to access Acupressure points, and Chakra Reflexes on the feet and hands. You will also learn how to use a Crystal Elixir oil, Crystal placement on the chakras, and techniques to balance and harmonise our clients’ energies leaving them feeling completely renewed.

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About this course:

Crystals were created as the earth formed and they have continued to transform and evolve, as the planet itself has changed. They work on resonance and vibration, and their crystalline structure can absorb, conserve, focus and emit energy, especially on the electromagnetic waveband
Chakras are part of our subtle body, or our electromagnetic field, and are referred to as our energy centres. We will explore how to balance and harmonise these centres on the body, with the help of crystals and also on the feet, through our Reflex Therapy.
Acupressure is an ancient therapy used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help support and balance our physical, emotional, and spiritual energies, through pathways known as meridians.

Course Content:
Introduction to Crystal energy
Introduction to Chakra energy
Main Acupressure points to use to balance and support the body
Balancing the Chakras with crystal energy
Reflex sequence incorporating crystal wand and stones
Using a Crystal oil Elixir Blend

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