Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology


About The Course

This course is a blended learning course and is taught on-line with remote support for students from Tutors.  There are three scheduled zoom classes scheduled with the Tutor to answer any questions and assist learning.

The course layout and teaching methods are “user friendly and inspiring” making it easy for the student to retain the information taught.


This is an online course with Tutor support.

Why take this course?

Your tutor takes you through each system of the body and teaches you ways in which the knowledge gained can be applied to your work as a complementary therapist.

Students are given questions after each unit and these questions must be completed before progressing to the next module:

Introduction: The anatomical language
Module1. Skeletal System
Module 2. Muscular System
Module 3. Cardiovascular System
Module 4. Lymphatic System
Module 5. Skin
Module 6. Nervous System
Module 7. Endocrine System
Module 8. Reproductive System
Module 9. Digestive System
Module 10. Urinary System
Module 11. Respiratory System
Module 12. Special Senses (Skin, Hair, Nails & Teeth)
Module 13. Cells and Tissues
Module 14. Chemistry & the Body

Course structure:

The 14 modules are on-line
Each module contains multiple choice questions which must be answered before progressing to the next module
Students have access to this course for 12 months after booking.

Remote tutoring and tutor support:

There are 2 remote (Zoom) tutor lead sessions throughout the course to allow for all questions to be answered
Students are notified of theses tutor sessions upon registering
Students can also email questions as they arise and these questions will be answered regularly by the tutor


The exam is an IN-PERSON exam and takes place in Obus School of Healing Therapies.  The exam fee for this course is €110.00.

This is an ITEC Accredited Course

This course is approved for Continual Professional Development (CPD points) with the following organisations:

      Holistic Massage Diploma training