Diploma in Reflexology and Holistic Studies


Reflexology is a gentle and therapeutic massage of the feet and the hands which helps to activate the body’s innate ability to heal itself.  It helps to restore and balance the flow of Qi throughout the body by applying alternating pressure on a specific points or areas of the foot or hand.  It is based on the knowledge that the reflex points on the feet and hands correspond with all the organs and glands of the body. By applying pressure to these points the therapist can stimulate healing and thus clear congestion, nurture depletion and help the body return to homeostasis. Reflexology is deeply relaxing and detoxifying to the body, mind and spirit.


Pay a deposit of 250.00 per item

About this Course

Wednesday – Evening Classes  Weekend Course Dates Tuesday –  Classes   Friday Classes


Course Dates Coming Soon!










• 8th, 9th, 10th March 2024,
• 5th, 6th, 7th April 2024,
• 17th, 18th, 19th May 2024,
• 7th, 8th, 9th June 2024,
• 5th, 6th, 7th July 2024.
Exams Practical and Written dates: Saturday 20th July 2024


Course Dates Coming Soon!


• 23rd February 2024,
• 1st, 8th, 22nd March 2024
• 5th, 12th,19th, 26th April 2024
• 10th, 17th, 24th May 2024,
• 7th June 2024.

Exams dates Written Tuesday 18th June 2024, Practical Friday 21st June 2024











Payment instalments:
• 1st Instalment 8th March 2024 €450.00,
• 2nd instalment 5th April 2024 €450.00,
• 3rd instalment 17th May 2024 €350.00,
Exam fee 7th June 2024 €150.00.







 Payment instalments

• Deposit €250.00,
• 1st Instalment 23rd February 2024 €450.00,
• 2nd instalment 22nd March 2024 €450.00,
• 3rd instalment 19th April 2024 €350.00,
Exam fee 10th May 2024 €150.00

Course Times:

Each Wednesday 6.30pm – 10.00pm







Course Times: 

Friday 6.30pm – 10.00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9.30am – 5.30pm







Course Times:         

Each Tuesday 10am to 4pm








Course Times:
Each Friday 10am to 4pm 



The Course Content

Practical training is all done in person in class:

You will learn a comprehensive range of techniques, these will include:

  • A full therapeutic sequence
  • A deep tissue sequence for physical ailments
  • A soft energy sequence for easing emotional discomfort

You will also learn the protocol and procedures for:

  • Working with clients with serious illness such as cancer
  • Working with pregnant clients
  • Working with elderly clients
  • Working with clients with special needs

Anatomy and Physiology – all done online, with tutor support. 
If you hold a recognised qualification in Anatomy and Physiology you may be exempt from this module.  Please contact the office to enquire. This module is a blend of on-line, and remote tutor support.  On-line learning allows the students to access the information as often as they need to ensure a thorough understanding of the subject and the in-class and remote learning ensures that all their questions are answered

Business Awareness and Ethics – this is all done online, with tutor support. 

  • This module covers the practicalities of running a successful professional practice  and covers:
  • How to promote your practice – getting new clients and retaining existing clients.
  • Business – records that must be kept.
  • Tax – how to calculate your liability and how to contact the revenue commissioners
  • Sales – how to sale products and therapies to new and existing clients
  • Hygiene –  proper infection control practices for your clinic, equipment and personal
  • Insurance and membership to professional organisations – what you need to know
    This module is a blend of on-line, in class and distant learning

Holistic Studies
+ Holistic approach to health

Reflexology Theory and Practice
+ History of Reflexology
+ Reflex points of the hands and feet
+ Contraindications
+ Contra Actions
+ Keeping records
+ Client care
+ Code of Ethics
+ Code of practice
+ Case studies

Practical Work:
+ Techniques
+ Location of reflexes on the Feet and hands
+ Observations and assessment of feet
+ Common complaints – how to help prevent them and how to work with clients that present with them

Case studies:
Students will be required to complete 42 case studies, that is completing 4 full treatments on 9 clients, and 6 full treatments on one client and all the relevant back up paperwork.

Equipment needed:
2 Large towels, 1 small towel, 3 pillowcases, plinth cover or single fitted sheet.

Examination: – all done in person
Following completion of the course the student will sit the following exams:
Reflexology – practical
Reflexology – theory
Business and ethics
Anatomy and Physiology

About our course:

Following this course students can apply for full membership of either Reflexology Professional bodies – NRRI or IRI.

Who can attend this course:

Anyone! This course is for anyone with an interest in Reflexology. Upon completion of this course students will be able to practice Reflexology professionally. Reflexology has many benefits. It can be used to help prevent illness, restore balance, and relax the body mind and spirit.

Note to students:

To complete this course you need to allocate about 4 hour per week to complete you case studies and theory studies. To make it an enjoyable experience we recommend you set aside time each week to complete these.

Student Testimonials

“I completed a Reflexology Diploma course at Obus in January this year. My year studying Reflexology was fantastic and enlightening. The course gave me a great deal of information and knowledge which will really help me to help my clients.”

Maria Mc Govern 

“Doing a Diploma in Reflexology has opened doors for me as a therapist and has added a new dimension to my therapies. Reflexology never ceases to amaze me, both as an indicator to a client’s general wellbeing and as a powerful yet gentle therapy.  Having now completed many courses and this second Diploma with OBUS I find it a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which to study. Being able to study Reflexology at the weekends has given me the freedom to do my Diploma while continuing with my life.”

Hazel Nangle 

This course is approved for Continual Professional Development (CPD points) with the following organisations:

Holistic Massage Diploma training           


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