Enhance your Reiki Practice

Spend a day practicing Distant Healing and learning what Usui meant by Byósen and how to clear it.

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Why take this course?

The journey to become a Reiki practitioner or teacher is a journey of continuous growth and development.  To be the best practitioner and teacher we can be it is important we continue to expand our understanding of the power of Reiki and the many ways it can be used.

Spending time with other practitioners, asking questions and practicing your skills are all ways to help you grow as a practitioner.

This one-day Reiki workshops are hosted to give a space for practitioners to further their training and deepen their understanding of Reiki.

Course Content:

Understanding Byósen 
Byósen is the name Usui gave to the physical sensations felt during a Reiki Healing.  As we listen to the messages that Bysen has to reveal, we can assist our clients to heal on a very deep level.

Distant Healing:
We will explore the power of distant healing and will practice 2 different methods of practice.

Who can take this course:

This course is open to anyone who has taken Reiki Level two with any teacher.
Come and enjoy a day of Reiki development!