Facial Rejuvenating Reflexology


About The Course

During this workshop you will be shown how to use the face and head as a microcosm of the body. You will learn to stimulate different reflexology points, acupressure points and meridians to support and stimulate the body’s own natural healing ability.

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This course is currently available online.


Why take this course?

You will learn a fantastic facial rejuvenation sequence which you can offer all clients.  This sequence leaves the skin and face looking radiant and the whole body feeling beautifully relaxed.   A wonderful therapy to enhance your reflexology practice.

What you will learn?

How to read the face and head as a reflexology map of the body.
Key reflexology points that support wellness and health.
Key acupuncture points to bring balance to the whole being.
Overview of the energy of the meridians to incorporate the whole-body systems.

Amazing tools:

The Acupoint pulse pen to stimulate points and energy of the face
The Jade roller to work the facial contours to relax any tension, tightness or stagnation
Reading the face through the Chinese mapping philosophy

Sequence taught includes:

Lymphatic drainage of the face, neck and head
Massage techniques to enhance complexion
Stimulation of the origin and insertions points of facial muscles to enhance the complexion and release tension locally and throughout the body.

Can I learn more about this therapy?

Once students have completed this workshop, they can further enhance their skills and knowledge at the Advanced Facial Rejuvenation Reflexology Course to dive even deeper into this amazing treatment.

Who can attend?

This is a two-day workshop for qualified reflexologists.

Who teaches this course:

Denise Hanlon has written this wonderful course.  She has drawn from her knowledge of Reflexology, traditional Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy, Energy healing, Holistic Massage, and her fifteen years of teaching, to create this wonderful Rejuvenating Facial series for reflexologists to use with their clients.

This course is approved for Continual Professional Development (CPD points) with the following organisations: