Hatha Yoga Thursday


5 week course.

Starts 23rd September 2020

Time 8.30pm to 9.30pm


Course Full

Dates: 23rd September to 21st October
Times: Thursday  8.30pm to 9.30pm
Fee: €75.00
Classes run for: 5 Weeks

What people say about our Yoga Classes

  • “I can breath better since starting Yoga”
  • “I sleep so much better since starting Yoga”
  • “I can reach the top shelf in the kitchen again”

About yoga:

Yoga is a philosophy which, through physical and mental exercise, helps to bring a person to a state of awareness and tranquility.
It helps to calm the mind, alleviate the effects of stress and it gets you in touch with your body.

The benefits of regular practice are many – yoga stretches help to:

  • Build muscle strength and tone
  • Improve posture and flexibility
  • Improve breathing
  • Maintain and improve flexibility of all joints
  • Improve the functioning of all body systems

Yoga at the OBUS Wellness Centre

At the OBUS Wellness Centre we are committed to helping people find their level of flexibility.

  • All our Yoga classes are graded and can cater for whatever level of fitness or health you have.

Arrival Protocols

When you arrive
Please bring your own mat (and blanket-only for yoga class)
Wear a mask
Enter by the centre doors of the centre.
If there is a class directly before yours ensure correct distancing to allow class to empty before you try to enter the class room
The tutor will take and record your temperature using a no-touch thermal temperature scan.  Tutor will confirm your temperature is no higher than 38.  It will be recorded it with your phone, on the class sheet and kept for contact tracing.
The tutor will assign a mat to your place your mat over the OBUS mat to ensure correct distancing
Sanitize your hands on arrival

During class

Mask to be worn during the whole class
No props will be used during class 

Leaving protocol

Leave through the centre door.   If there is a class directly after yours please ensure correct distancing on leaving