Integrated Energy Therapy Intermediate Level


The Intermediate Level Course enriches your understanding and application of IET, introducing you to advanced techniques and concepts that enhance your healing abilities.

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Elevate Your Healing Skills with IET

Advance your journey in energy healing with the Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Intermediate Level Course. This course builds upon the Basic Level, offering a deeper dive into IET’s transformative techniques and expanding your capacity to facilitate healing for yourself and others.

Advancing Your IET Knowledge: Course Highlights

Expanded IET Process: Master an advanced IET process, focusing on clearing energy blockages more specifically within the heart, throat, and third eye regions.
Soul Star Clearing: Learn to clear blockages in the Soul Star area, located above the head, which is key to understanding our soul’s mission and purpose.
Heartnet Technique: This powerful technique strengthens your connection with the client’s heart energy, facilitating profound healing and transformation.
Past Life Energy Work: Explore methods to address and clear energy blockages and emotional patterns stemming from past lives, impacting the client’s present life.
Advanced Healing Techniques: The course includes enhanced methods for both self-healing and healing others, significantly improving the efficacy of IET sessions.

Course Structure:

The Intermediate Level Course is designed to deepen your expertise in IET through a combination of review, advanced attunement, comprehensive instruction, and practical application.

Review: Begin with a refresher on the foundational principles and techniques from the Basic Level to ensure a solid grounding.
Advanced Attunement: Receive an attunement that aligns your energy system with higher-frequency IET energies, enabling you to channel more powerful healing.
Instruction: Dive into detailed instruction on intermediate techniques, including working with the Higher-Self and Soul Star energy centres, and methods for releasing trauma and limiting beliefs.
Practice: Engage in hands-on practice sessions, applying intermediate techniques in a supportive, supervised setting.
Integration: The course wraps up with a reflective discussion on insights gained, along with guidance for ongoing practice and development.

Stepping into Advanced Healing:

Completing the Intermediate Level Course empowers you to harness higher levels of healing energy, broadening your scope as an IET practitioner. This course sets the stage for further exploration in advanced IET training, preparing you for even more profound work in energy healing.

Prerequisites– Must have completed IET Basic Level

This course is approved for Continual Professional Development (CPD points) with the following organisations:


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