Introduction To Healing Angels Workshop


This is an introduction to Integrated Energy Therapy (IET). It teaches students how to connect with and work alongside healing angels in the energy field. It aims to help you release energy blockages and imbalances through a combination of teachings, guided meditations, and hands-on practice.

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Workshop Content:

Connecting with Healing Angels:
Students will learn how to connect with healing angels and request their assistance in daily life situations.
This connection allows students to tap into the healing energy of these angels.

Integration of Angelic Energy:
The workshop covers the IET system, which involves integrating angelic energy into your own energy field. This process enhances your ability to work with the healing angels’ energy effectively.

Clearing and Releasing Blockages:
Through the IET system and the assistance of healing angels, participants will be guided to clear and release energy blockages that may be present in their physical, emotional, and mental bodies. This process promotes holistic healing.

Healing and Well-being:
Students will learn how to collaborate with the angelic realm to facilitate healing and promote well-being in themselves and others. This aspect of the workshop helps participants enhance their healing abilities.

Manifestation and Spiritual Growth:
The workshop also explores how to use angelic energy for manifesting desired outcomes and fostering spiritual growth.

Workshop Structure:

The Introduction to Healing Angels Workshop is a full-day course led by the experienced IET Master Instructor, Abi Beri.

It includes:
• An overview of the IET system and its connection to angelic healing.
• Introduction to the 9 Healing Angels of the Energy Field, including their roles and how to engage with them.
• Guided meditations and exercises aimed at helping students connect with the healing angels.
• Practical sessions involving hands-on practice with angelic energy, both for self-healing and assisting others.

Benefits of the Workshop:

• A deeper connection with their spiritual path and life purpose.
• The ability to identify and release energy blockages that may hinder personal growth.
• A heightened sense of peace and well-being as they work with healing angel energy.
• Proficiency in using angelic energy for both manifesting intentions and progressing on their spiritual journey.

Who can attend this course:

The Healing Angels Workshop is open to anyone who are interested in learning about angelic healing. No prior experience in energy healing is required.




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