Introduction to Aromatherapy for Cancer support


This 4 hour course will help the Aromatherapist adapt their training to continue working with clients who have been diagnosed and treated for cancer.  It covers how to use essential oils and vegetable oils for enhanced pain control, infection control and skin support.

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About the course
This course is for qualified Aromatherapists who wish to stay safe as they continue working with clients who are being or have been treated for cancer.

You will learn:
What is cancer and how does it affect the body?
What are the treatments for cancer and how do they affect the body?
How Aromatherapy can be used in a holistic way to support conventional treatments for cancer.

Blending and application of essential oils for:
Acute and chronic pain
Sleep disturbance
Infection control
Radiated skin support

Who can take this course:
This course is open to qualified Aromatherapists only

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