Introduction to Aromatherapy On-Line


About this course:

This is an on-line course which gives you over 7 hours of videos training. It also includes a 28 page “little book” of Aromatherapy AND a 24 page blending booklet.  See just how wonderful the world of Aromatherapy is as Christine demonstrates how to use essential oils safely and creatively for personal wellness.

Section One:

In this section you will see the many ways to use aromatherapy.

An introduction to the “tools of the trade”
Essential oil
Vegetable oils
Infused/macerated oils
Unscented lotion and creams
Facial steamer
Suppositories, pessaries, capsules

Section two:

How and why essential oils are made in the plants –  Learn about Photosynthesis
How essential oils are extracted from the plants – Learn about Steam distillation
An over view of how essential oils get into the body – Through the lungs, nose and skin

Section three:

How  to correctly store your essential oils
Keep your essential oils in top therapeutic condition

How to buy essential oils
Single oils
Blended undiluted essential oils
Blended in vegetable oils

Quality of essential oils
Organic V non-organic

Cost of essential oils
Why some essential oils cost less then €5 and some are more than €50

Using essential oils in a correct and ethical way

Section four:

The details of how to use inhalation as your method of getting essential oils into your body

Clear demonstrations on the use of:
Personal inhalers
Vaporising essential oils
Steam inhalation

Special considerations:

  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • Allergies

Section five:

In this section you will learn how blend essential oils safely and effectively for use as body oils and creams and in the bath 

Clear demonstrations on making blends
Gel and vegetable oil blend
Unscented lotion blend
Vegetable oils blend

How to have an aromatic bath
Correct use of dispersants
Bubble bath 

Special considerations

  • Sensitive skin
  • Allergies
  • Photo sensitivity 

Section Six:   

In this section you will learn how to choose oils to make you feel good.

The power of scent on our emotions and our internal environment

Section seven:

In this section Christine demonstrates how to make some wonderful blends for health and well-being

She guides you through:
Using the OBUS blending charts for safe and effective blending
12 Essential oils are discussed in detail
3 Vegetable oils are discussed in detail

Print your 25 page e-book

This course is approved for Continual Professional Development (CPD points) with the following organisations: