Introduction to Sound Therapy


Sound therapy is a form of vibrational healing. Sound helps to bring the person into a trance state of consciousness and this beautiful relaxed state encourages deep healing.

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Why take this course?

Because it is a fun day of relaxation and healing.
The day finishes with a beautiful healing sound bath.
If you are a complementary therapist, you will learn how to incorporate sound into your existing practice.

The bowls:

You will get to play lots of singing bowls.
Learn how to buy a singing bowl that resonates with you.

What will you learn?

Using singing bowls in self-healing and relaxation.
Ways to use singing bowls to help family and friends to relax.
An understanding of how sound works.
What are singing bowls made and what are “notes”.
How to care for our singing bowls.

Who is the course open to?

This course is open to everyone.

Did you know?

Royal Rife, a researcher in California, began his research for the cure of cancer in the 1920’s.
One of his important discoveries was that each organism has its own resonant frequency.
Using live bacteria cultures, he would turn on a frequency device and produce an electromagnetic field tuned to that bacteria. Within moments of hitting the correct frequency all the bacterial would stop moving and die.
He found he could cure people of infectious diseases.
By using the principle of vibratory resonance, Rife could destroy bacteria or viruses as easily as shattering a wine glass by producing its resonant note.

Can I learn more?

Yes! You can learn how to play and use lots more instruments in healing such as Drums, Gongs and Tuning Forks click here to see the full range of sound training

This course is approved for Continual Professional Development (CPD points) with the following organisations:

We run regular Sound Bath evenings which will reconnect you to the power of healing sound click here

This course is approved for Continual Professional Development (CPD points) with the following organisations:



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