Make your own Herbal oils and Facial oils


Learn how to make herbal infused oils to use in your natural skin care products.   And use in hair care.  They will also add deep healing to your massage oil.  And of course they are hugely beneficial for general wellbeing.

Pay a deposit of 50.00 per item

Why take this course?

Do you make natural skin care products?  Are your an Aromatherapist?  Are your a holistic therapist? Or do you just like using natural products on your skin?  Then this course is for you.

What will you learn:

The many different types of vegetable oil available.
How to choose one to use for your needs.

3 ways to infuse vegetable oils with herbs.

  • Alcohol Method
  • Double boiler Method
  • Sit and Rest method – long infusion.
  • What do the different methods of infusion add to your oil.

There will be a class demonstration of the Double Boiler Method.

Theory and Safety of using these medicinal herbs and extracts.
Detailed handouts with recipes and guidelines.

Herbs for the skin:
Learn about the top 10 herbs for Skin issues
When, where and how to harvest these herbs

Herbs for:
Nervous system – to calm and sooth.
Aches and Pains – reduce inflammation and ease pain.
Digestive system – to help sooth the whole digestive tract.

Facial oil:
What oils are best to use on the face
What herbs are best to infuse for the face

Course Content

  • How to infuse herbs.
  • What herbs and infused oils to use for different common ailments.
  • The best ways to use infused oils for health and wellness.
  • How to include your beautiful, infused oils in your natural cosmetics
  • How to include these oils in your massage and reflexology treatments
  • Key safety and dosage information

Practical demonstrations in class

Double boiler method of infused oils:
The tutor will demonstrate the whole process from start to finish.
This will help students compare and contrast the different oils and understand how to use them in natural skin care making, massage or just for general wellbeing.
You get to take home 2  50ml bottles of oil, one double burner infused and one alcohol infused for you to use and explore the difference.

Who can take this course?

This course is open to everyone!

Can I learn more

Student who have taken this course have also take our Making Natural Cosmetics and Ointments course click here

This course is approved for Continual Professional Development (CPD points) with the following organisations:



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